The Real Purpose of Education

The Purpose of Education: Survive or Thrive?

Growing up in North America and in maximum westernized cultures, we had been indoctrinated with the concept, “In order to get an excellent job, you want an excellent training.” Indeed with the sector shrinking, the worldwide network is now latching directly to this principle. Today we are going to speak approximately the actual motive of training – YOUR motive of training… is it to simply to continue to exist or do you need to thrive?

There’s no doubt that during this age of facts and communication, a minimal wellknown of training is an absolute needful simply to exist. Those people who’re capable of study those phrases absolutely can’t believe what it need to be want to be illiterate and try and feature on this world. Yet for plenty reasons, an unsettlingly massive a part of the sector’s populace stays uneducated. The number one motive of training then might appear to assist us get via way of means of.

Are We Serving This Purpose of Education?

Thankfully, many – if now no longer maximum – international locations round the sector have legal guidelines that make training freely to be had to every body. With 3 primary patterns effectively accessible – formal, non-formal and casual gaining knowledge of – there’s a way of training to fit pretty much all of us. All it really is left to do is for an person to determine his or her personal motive of training and what quantity is vital to continue to exist and/or thrive.

Let’s take a quick study the 3 structures of education and notice how they may be presently serving an person’s motive of training.

How The Formal System Serves The Purpose of Education

The formal device is possibly the maximum familiar, now no longer to say the maximum conventional shape of training a few of the industrialized international locations. It’s the device accountable for ‘getting an excellent training in an effort to get an excellent job’ rationale. While there aren’t anyt any ensures for all of us to live ‘luckily ever after’, there may be no doubt that folks that correctly continue to exist formal training have a specific gain in contemporary world.

Survive is the important thing phrase here. For people with a motive of training of having a bit of paper, formal training may be a completely lengthy process… impossibly lengthy! In my personal experience, about 2,000 college students enrolled at my university again in 1971. Four years later, simplest forty people graduated with a Bachelor Degree.

Today, I am transferring farfar from the primary field that decorates my degree. At least I had 30+ years to use and earn a dwelling from what I learned. Not every body is so lucky. Stories abound of over-certified diploma holders, flipping hamburgers and parking vehicles due to the fact there’s no paintings for them of their field.

So does the formal device serve the motive of training? If we are speakme primary survival, then it is definitely ‘Yes’! Is it really well worth all of the years of boring ‘mandatory’ publications to chase a diploma that may not also be really well worth the paper it is published on? Talk approximately a main question!:)

The Non-Formal System and the Purpose of Education

The non-formal device is much like the formal in that each have a not unusualplace purpose of acquiring a bit of paper – both a degree or certificate – that supposedly eases access into the operating world. The gain of the non-formal device is that it gives people a bit extra flexibility in phrases of vicinity and scheduling.

Students can also additionally join in part-time or full-time publications taking region all through the day or on evenings and weekends, giving the capacity to paintings round cutting-edge jobs and/or childcare and different responsibilities. Alternative distance gaining knowledge of and self-examine applications also are to be had for folks that require the maximum versatility.

As mentioned, stringent necessities of attendance, assignments, exams and a listing of co-standards nonetheless exist in an effort to byskip every route. Individuals need to cautiously recollect all elements to decide if this structures satisfies the motive of training, and in the end if it’s miles really well worth it withinside the lengthy run.

Informal System Is Best for the Purpose of Education

Yes, I’m biased and I realize that many will disagree with me. That’s the entire factor of starting up and stimulating this discussion!

I changed into educated withinside the formal device for sixteen years and taught a proper device of training for over 30 years. That’s why I can say that the INFORMAL device is for me, via way of means of far, the high-quality to fit maximum people’s motive of training. The casual device is sort of a massive buffet. You get to pick the precise publications in an effort to serve your instant needs. You assimilate the cloth and follow it as you like.



There aren’t anyt any certificate or diplomas to chase. Nothing to show to all of us aside from the consequences you display from having studied some thing you’re passionate approximately. No taking useless publications which have truly no that means or hobby to you. (For example, as a track training important in university, I changed into required to take publications including biology and political science. What a waste of my time, mainly with the latter subject!)

Mind you, might I need to be operated on via way of means of a physician who studied simplest informally? Of route NOT! The factor of this newsletter is to impeach the motive of training – does it assist us to continue to exist and thrive in 2009 and beyond? Put every other way, will we all want to try to emerge as medical doctors in an effort to continue to exist and thrive?