The Powerful Espresso Veloce Machine

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines – or your espresso machine. The Espresso Veloce Machine is shaped to resemble a Formula 1 car engine. Built to pay tribute to the Grand Prix race car engines in the 1990s, this espresso machine would make any gourmet coffee or racing and automobile enthusiast happy.

The Espresso Veloce Machine is a high-tech product with an attitude. It is designed for functionality and for the wow-factor, and due to the limited units that will be produced, it will also become a collectible in the future.

The Mechanics behind the Machine
The construction of the Espresso Veloce Machine includes alloys such as titanium, magnesium and aluminum. These are some of the same exact materials that are used in the construction of a Formula 1 racing engine.

Available in both V10 and V12 models, the Espresso Veloce Machine is rather large, so it is not the best product to have permanently placed in a small area on top of your counter. It is, however, about half of the size of the three-liter racing engine. The oil filter is actually the grappa reservoir, where you can add your gourmet specialty coffee and the coffee emits from the exhaust tubes. You can even purchase cups that are similarly designed, so that they will add to the experience. The quality workmanship and attention to detail behind it is evident in this unique product.

Where Can I Find an Espresso Veloce Machine?
The production of these unique espresso machines will be limited to 500, and at this time, the cost has not been released to the public. Let us assume that it will not come cheap. But for a hardcore gear head, this would be a great find. The collectability of this espresso machine will add to its price. This would truly be a unique showcase piece for anyone who loves the look of the Formula 1 racing engines.

If you are looking for something over the top for your personal bar or business, the Espresso Veloce Machine would fit the bill. Gourmet coffee has never looked so good. Get your engine racing with a delicious cup of espresso from this limited-edition espresso maker.

The making of high-quality gourmet espresso requires a balance of art and science, and the Espresso Veloce Machine is all that and more. This piece of equipment would look great in your shop, office or meeting place.


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