The Nourishing Medicinal Benefits of Edible Bird Nest

Edible bird nest soups are prepared with nests of Swiftlets birds and are mostly consumed in Asia and several other parts of the world. But why exactly would anyone consider taking such soup? The answer is simple. The nests are nourishing and contain nutrients that act as medicines for general well-being.

Bird Nest Soups are Nutritious

It has been scientifically proven that bird nest is made up of several minerals. However, glycoproteins which contain a combination of carbohydrate and protein properties are the major nutrients it contains.

The nests contain all the important amino acids which are the primary building blocks of protein. Specifically, six different types of Amino acids are found in bird nest which are amide, humin, arginine, cystine, histidine and lysine. The entire level of mono-amino acids found in it is about 6 percent.

The entire protein in the nest constitutes about 85 percent, and fat of 0.3 percent. Also, bird nest contain 2.5 percent ash, nitrogen of 10.3 percent, and carbohydrate that is up to the level of 17.4 percent. Furthermore, it contain a significant level of vitamin B1, sulphur, arsenate and phosphorus.

During consumption, the energy value per 100g portion is placed at 345 kilocalories. Other minerals found in the nest are iron and calcium. Calcium can build strong bones and teeth in children and adults.

Natural Source of Food and Nutrition

Bird nest is an absolute source of unique food and nutrition and it is 100% natural. They are the nests of Swiftlets which are built mostly during breeding seasons to raise their young ones. The nests are made up of the bird’s saliva which contains several nutrients that is beneficial to humans.

Swiftlefts nests are absolutely safe to eat for anyone: babies, kids, and teenagers, adults male or female, young and old. The soup is absolutely safe for pregnant women too.

Also, the soup is strongly recommended for those convalescing. The nutrients in the nests can speed up the recovery process and makes healing faster. Since the soup is a rich source of food and nutrition, it is important to carefully examine all the nutrients that it contains.

What Your Body Benefits When You Consume Bird Nests

The following are some of the major benefits of consuming the soup:

Renews Cell

Several research findings have strongly indicated that it contain collagen (an active protein molecule). Collagen stimulates the renewal of cells in the epidermis. Also, collagen bolsters cells immunity and boost resistance of the body toward harms that are caused by exposure to X-rays. Collagen speed up the healing of wound, stimulates healthy hair growth, improves development of the brain and prevents bone diseases.

Improves Body Wellness: one of the first major benefits of the soup is that it improves general body wellness. It strengthens every aspect of the body, bones, tissue and cells. Regular consumption of the soup will make you feel absolutely healthier. It energizes the immune system and leaves you with lower risk of contracting any disease.

Also, the soup fortifies the entire human immune system, makes the weak and old stronger; improve respiratory system in children and adult. Also, it helps children and adult learn better and faster by boosting their level of concentration. Additionally, regular consumption of the soup boosts libido.

Balanced Diet: it contain major nutrients that can replenish the body as balanced diet. It contains water, carbohydrate, calcium, iron, fat, nitrogen, protein and all the major amino acid necessary for proper functioning of the body. As such, the soup are considered a balanced diet that can be eaten by anyone.

Builds Healthy Beautiful Skin: it stimulate healthy growth of the skin which results in a radiant and adorable skin. This was one of the first nutritional benefits of the nests that were discovered. The wives of ancient Chinese Emperors were known for consuming bird nests soup in order to maintain their beauty and dazzling skin.

Several research findings have further revealed how the nutrients in bird nests stimulate healthy skin growth and appearance. Bird nests prevent and treat premature skin aging. Bird nests incite cell division, build tissue, controls the endocrine system, clear off wrinkles and makes the skin glitter with beauty and youthfulness.

Reliable Source of Nutrients for Pregnant Women: it has been scientifically proven that bird nest is a rich source of nutrients for pregnant women and their unborn children (fetus). During the pregnancy (pre-natal) period, eating the soup will replenish and strengthen the body of the pregnant woman.

Women that consume bird nest during pregnancy always recover faster and better after childbirth. Such women experience lesser or no loss of hair, become stronger, and experience better sleep after childbirth.

As a rich source of calcium for pregnant women, bird nest fortifies liver and lungs and enhances metabolism. The unborn child too also benefits from the soup the mother consumes. Pregnant women that eat the soup give birth to healthier babies with beautiful smooth skin

Aid Digestion: the soup is a strong solution for indigestion. The nest contains several nutrients one of which is enzymes. Enzymes can easily act on food in the stomach to quicken the digestion process. Digestion releases the nutrients in food so the body can absorb and benefit from such nutrient. Also, bird nests accelerate the rate of metabolism.

Supplement to Other Food: it can be taken as supplement to other food mostly for children suffering of malnutrition. People placed on a particular diet for health reasons can consume bird nests as a supplement to their recommended diets. The nutrients in bird nest can supplement nutrients in other foods and replenish the body better and faster.

Source of Traditional Chinese Medicine

For many centuries, bird nests have been a unique source of traditional Chinese medicine. It has been used for the treatment of several ailments, diseases and during convalesce. It is widely believed that the nest acts as anti-aging and anti-cancer properties.

Also, the bird nest soup is strongly recommended for the treatment of asthma, cold, cough, influenza, weak blood, and cancer. Also, it has been found to be potent in boosting libido, enhancing physical strength, and absolutely effective as a heal


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