The Most Beautiful Country’s Capital That I Have Ever Been To – Sofia! (Part 3)

Sofia has a lot to offer and is a both beautiful and an enlightening city to visit. It’s the perfect combination of modern and antique infrastructure, the air is relatively clean compared to other capitals of Europe and worldwide in general, due to the sheer size and wildness of the parks. Borisova Garden and South Park (quite funny I know) are the biggest and most dazzling places in Sofia, due to their diversity. South Park is a central location, it is a well structured park with somewhat of an infrastructre that usually hosts bands and events on one side and it’s other main entrance, there are a few cafe’s and nice alleys to stroll along. Borisova Garden is much bigger and much wilder, definitely not a place to go to during night time, it has two stadiums in it – Vasil Levski stadium – the national stadium and Red Army stadium – CSKA Sofia’s stadium. It has a tennis courts complex inside of it as well, otherwise it has lots of ponds, lakes and nice wooden huts and benches to sit around and enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful nature. Lots of unexplored parts as well, lots of little offroad alleys that lead to God knows where but that is part of it’s uniqueness. On it’s most urbanized part, close to Vasil Levski stadium there are cafes and restaurants near the Ariana Lake, in which you can hire a pedal boat and circle around it.

On a more enlightening note, Sofia holds Bulgaria’s biggest gallery collection, which draw in travelers and students for practical courses. The National Historical Museum found in Boyana area has a boundless assortment of more than 650,000 antiquities dating from prehistorical times to the present day, albeit just 10,000 of them are displayed due to lack of space. Smaller collections of artifacts most of which related to the historical backdrop of Sofia are in the National Archeological Museum, a former mosque situated between the structures of the National Bank and the Presidential building. Couple of museums – the Natural History Museum and the Earth and Man – show minerals, animal displays and uncommon materials. The Ethnographic Museum and the National Museum of Military History are another interesting points of sightseeing, as they hold extensive assortment of Bulgarian traditional outfits and weaponry, respectively.

Vitosha Boulevard is the primary commercial road in the focal point of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, which is ample in luxurious stores, cafes and bars. It reaches out from the St Nedelya towards the South Park. Some top of the line design names have outlets on Vitosha road and the neighboring lanes: Versace, Bulgari, D&G, Lacoste, Trussardi, Max Mara, Boss – on the walking part of the boulevard. Among the outstanding structures, situated on the avenue are: The National Palace of Culture – NDK, The Palace of the Courts and the South Park. The side of Vitosha, next to the high courts and the courthouse, is filled with restaurants and Serdika station localized there, is the transitional point for the Bulgarian tube.


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