The Most Beautiful Country’s Capital That I Have Ever Been to – Sofia! (Part 2)

I’d like to start off with something that I negliged in the previous article but it’s a rather breathtaking destination when visiting Sofia – Vitosha Mountain. Sofia is found in a hollow between lots of mountains, but Vitosha is the biggest and most touristically adapted of them.

Vitosha Mountain is a mountain lying on the outskirts of Sofia. Vitosha is one of the images of Sofia and the nearest site for trekking, alpinism and snowboarding and skiing. Easy-to-access transport lines and rope ways render the mountain perfectly available. Vitosha has the blueprints of a tremendous vault. The domain of the mountain incorporates Vitosha natural park that envelops the best known, encircling and bypassed parts. The foothills of Vitosha asylum resort quarters of Sofia; Knyazhevo a worldwide famous mineral springs. Vitosha is the most established nature park in the Balkans. The mountain developed as an aftereffect of volcanic movement and has been accordingly molded by the moderate collapsing of the stone rock layers and a progression of continuingly stacking boulders. The mountain is 19 km long and is 17 km wide and really comprises of concentric plateaus and steep hills. Vitosha is isolated into four fundamental parts whose primary edges assemble at the highest peak – Cherni Vrah (“Black Peak”). This is the most elevated point of the mountain at 2290 m and is one of 10 crests of Vitosha more than 2000 metres in height.

Now to get more central, I want to tell you more about the University of Sofia (St. Kliment Ohridski). It is the oldest advanced education foundation in Bulgaria, established on 1 October, 1888. The building of the college was built somewhere around 1924 and 1934 with the fundings of the brothers Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi, whose models are monuments are erected on its façade, and has a range of 18,624 m² and an aggregate of 324 grounds and buildings. It is regarded as the best university in the country for most topics and is a magnificent building built in the heart of the city. Next to it, you can find the Russian Church, beautiful but rather minuscule when compared to the vastness of the Sofia University. Still it holds ornament and painted glass from before 100-200 years, it’s an orthodox church and it has a very relaxing and cozy garden with well maintained forestation.

Sofia has the most Shopping Malls per capita in the entire European Union. It holds over 11 large shopping buildings, including the biggest on the Balkan Peninsula – Sofia Ring Mall, found on the outskirts of the city. It’s total retail area is 69,000 square metres and it also has Karting track which is 7,500 squared metres. It holds over 400 brands, 100 of which entirely new to the bulgarian market. It, of course, has a cinema – Cine Grand an Indian company offering huge screens and comfortable seats with personal waiters and lots of personal space.