The Joy of Owning A One Cup Coffee Maker!

One cup coffee makers, such as a Keurig, are the perfect coffee-making vessel for people like me. I enjoy a morning cup of coffee, but typically can only drink a cup or two at the most. I used to brew a pot of coffee every morning and would end up wasting almost 3/4′s of the pot of coffee. It was such a waste and so expensive. Now that I own a one cup coffee maker, I can have my morning cup of Joe each and every day and not waste any coffee, or money for that matter.

Keurig, and other one cup coffee makers, are also perfect for small offices, cubicles, or other places where a whole pot of coffee would be wasted or excess. I first came across a Keurig at an adorable bed and breakfast, and told my husband I had to have one as soon as possible. They are quite easy to use and also quite cost-effective. When using a Keurig there is no need for the use of a paper coffee filter. You simply purchase K-cups, pop one in the maker, add water and press a button! Hot and fresh coffee in no time is the delicious result of these glorious inventions.

K-cups are great because they come in a variety of blends, roasts and flavors and are so easy to use! Currently my favorite gourmet coffee cup is Caribou coffee in Obsidian. Obsidian coffee is a dark roast coffee with notes of bittersweet chocolate and tart berries. It is perfect for wintertime or cold mornings, and I have been drinking it religiously for the past three months. In addition to a plethora of wonderful gourmet coffees, you can also purchase other drinks in K-cups such as hot chocolate, chai tea, teas and apple cider. These are the perfect drink makers for everyone in the home and the cups offer something for all palates!

If you have a special coffee that you can not live without, you can also purchase a wire mesh vessel that you can pour your own coffee into. That way if there is a particular roast at the local gourmet shop in your town, you can use that in a Keurig or other one cup coffee maker as well! The world of beverages is endless and delicious when owning one of these beauties. I purchased mine for under a $100 and it has been the best purchase I have made in a very long time!


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