The Good-Bad-Ugly of Camping

Tent Camping—The Good—The Bad—The Ugly

The Good

Most campers enjoy the great outdoors and often spend a lot of time in God’s wonderful country. There’s nothing like hiking and camping in National Parks, State Parks, County Parks and being a part of nature that was created for all of us. I’ve spend a lot of time over the years getting really envigorated by the clean air, the gorgeous views that await the eager visitor. This wonderful life is very contagious. Once you start you just can’t stop—and you don’t want to. This is such a different life from the one that doesn’t include the outdoors! Your health is improved and your whole being is attuned to nature and the joy of this new life. So—get out there soon and let camping become a big part of your existence.

The Bad – the ‘mosquito’ dance

Ever see it? Ask my wife—she knows it by heart. One time in Yellowstone Park, we(that is… my wife) was starting to fix dinner outside… and we had some company—the flying kind. They were all over the place—we were greatly outnumbered! But did she stop cooking?… No! She just kept right on cooking-and dancing. Soon after we jumped into the car and preceded to enjoy(?) our dinner- after dispatching the enemy that made it into the car. I never knew my wife could dance like that.

The Bad – The First Tent

Don’t EVER try to put up your first tent at the campsite. If you do you’ll be the laughingstock of the whole area! No—go in your backyard at home and work at it until you can do it blindfolded. Then you are ready to go to the campground and look like a pro! Now you’ll fit in as a seasoned and well-experienced veteran camper.

The Bad – Bears like food… YOURS!

Food is something you just have to bring along on every camping trip. No way around it. Nature is great, but food is absolutely necessary. So, be very careful how and where you store it. Bees can smell your food from a mile away. Do NOT have it in your tent with you. If you do, you’ll be in big trouble. Hang your food bag(or some such container) high up between two trees on a wire or rope strung that the bear cannot reach.

The Ugly – Other Campers Loud Music!

Sometimes you end out next to a very loud neighbor! Maybe you can ask them to tone it down a little, or move to a quieter spot. Many of those who want the whole world to hear their choice of music are not open to any suggestions—that’s just the way life is, right? So, you can stay there or move.


definitely go camping and enjoy it
bring insect repellent
be kind and considerate to fellow campers
store your food properly
do a lot of hiking
enjoy a nightly campfire
thank God for His beautiful creation!
Get Started… Now!


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