The Different Types of Coffee Makers That You Can Choose From

Coffee is everyone’s best friend especially when one is going to have an all-nighter work, sleep deprived or just wants to sit down and relax. Now, I know you must be one of the coffee lover who wants to have your own coffee maker at home. I understand how you want your great tasting coffee be a stone’s throw away only. To help you decide which coffee maker to buy, below are the types of coffee maker you can choose.


The bean-to-cup coffee machine will grind the coffee beans on demand. This is ideal especially if you are looking for fresh coffee. What you need to do is place the espresso beans into the equipment and then let the machine grind it. After which, the machine will dispense the amount you want and the good thing is, you do not need a porta filtration system as the machine does everything!

This machine may be a bit expensive compared to others and may be a bit nosier as it grinds the beans, the quality is very good.

French Press

One of the traditional forms of coffee maker is the French press or commonly known as the plunger. This is more cost-efficient as you do not need to have disposable filters or use electricity to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. All you need to do is add the ground and near boiling water then place the lid and press.


This maker may be one of the coolest, modern and hi-tech machines available. This is because all you have to do is add a pre-packaged container to the machine and the fresh coffee that you crave is already made! This maker usually just involves a one touch button process then the espresso is pushed out. It is also surprisingly clean. However, when everything is used up, it only accepts coffee pods or capsules which can only be bought by the manufacturer of the coffee machine.


This is probably the oldest coffee machine as it actually existed before the paper filters came about. It is a steam based coffee maker wherein it uses the boiling water to force the coffee through the grounds into a separate chamber. It is a bit robust that is why it allows for careful brewing.


The drip is one of the most simple to operate aside from the press. It heats the water and drips it at an ideal temperature through filter ground placed right under the dripper. Then, the coffee is being collected in a jug and kept warm with the help of the hot plate.


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