The Devin Municipality Beauties – The Devils’ Land

Devin is a well known vacation spot. There is an abundance of spa resorts and hot springs. The area was known in classical times for the regenerative properties of its mineral springs. The waters have been guaranteed to treat and recuperate an assortment of diseases: skeletal conditions, fringe apprehensive, cardiovascular and pulmonary frameworks, skin problems and others. Notwithstanding these, the water is consumed or breathed in the treatment of respiratory conditions, hypersensitivities and contaminations. The conditions accessible in Devin make it an amazing location for recuperation and stabilising wellbeing. However, there are darker legends inhabiting the municipality – such of devils and angels. Considering the area holds both the deepest cave in Bulgaria featuring the largest number of underground waterfalls on the Balkans, as well as the Devil’s Bridge, one of many such in Europe, famous for it’s structure and the legends associated with it.

The Devil’s Throat association has been made between the stories of the angels of God who resisted His orders and offered forbidden enlightment unto the people, and copulated with their ladies. The stories say that in the wake of doing so, the angels-or now also known as the “Undesirable Angels”- were ousted to a mystic underground jail, believed by some to be the Devil’s Throat. It is an interesting fact that nothing that has been carried into The Devil’s Mouth Cave by the rivers ever comes out of it. Numerous endeavors have been made to track wooden bits and other materials through the cave, however they all vanish without a follow on the underground stream, stirring the interest and enticing the senses. Tests performed with dyes have demonstrated that it takes over 1½ hours for the water to navigate the short distance from one end to the other, filling hypotheses around a broad arrangement of underground streams in the cave.

The Devil’s bridge – the folk tales speak of it, as a way of cheating the Devil. The cosntruction has been so challenging that anyone who crossed the river before it would die but since there is a bridge, a person can cross safely and deny the Devil his soul. Another legend says that in order for the Devil to let the builders create the bridge he made a pact with them – he will receive the first soul that crosses the bridge. However, the builders tricked him by luring a dog to cross the bridge first and thus not deny any human lives. The Devil was outraged that it was tricked that it threw himself at the bridge, filled with rage. There is a bump on the bridge that is believed to symbolize the impact from the crash.