The Cost of Replacement Storm Windows

Storm windows come in a variety of styles and colors to match most home
applications. Triple track, combination windows and screen storm windows are designed for installation over double hung windows.

Style variations include sliding window, double-hung, half-screen, and full-screen
and picture windows. Finishes include mill-finished aluminum, white, brown, and

They are permanently installed and can be opened any time with a screen slid into
place for ventilation.

Measure your existing window to determine the size of storm windows to order.
First, measure the width of the inside of your window jamb at the top, middle and
bottom. Then measure the height at the right, Center and left sides.

Double track combination units are also available and they cost less. Both kinds are
sold almost everywhere, and can be bought with or without the cost of installation.

Most suppliers will order to the closest 1/8″, so give exact measurements when
ordering. It’s better to be a little too small than too big when ordering storm
windows. You can save a few dollars 15% to 20% of the purchase price by installing
storm windows yourself.

Once your storm windows have arrived, test-fit them to make sure they’re the right
size. But you’ll need some tools: caulking gun, drill, and screwdriver. In most cases
it will be easier to have the supplier install your storm windows for you, although it
will cost more.

Apply a thin bead of caulk to the outer edges of the window stop at the top and
sides. Distribute the caulk as evenly as possible. Do not caulk the bottom of the
storm window. You’ll want to allow room for rain and moisture to run off the sill. It
will take anywhere from several days to a few weeks to make up your order before
the supplier returns to install them.

Insert the storm window into the opening. Make sure to center the window between
the side stops. It’s best to set the window tight against the sill so that the window
has ample support. Installation should take less than one day, depending on how
many windows are involved.

Two very important items should be checked to make sure the installation is
properly done. Most windows are predrilled. If this is not the case, drill holes 12″
apart and centered over the window stops. Make sure that both the window sashes
and screen sash move smoothly and seal tightly when closed after installation.