The Best Small Museums in London – Not To Be Missed

London is brimming in history and culture with a number of great museums that are worth a visit. Everyone knows the main museums, such as the National History Museum, the British Museum and the Science Museum, but there are a host of smaller and very interesting museums which are worth visiting when you are in the capital city.

Leighton House

Leighton House is one of the top small museums that is visited in London each year.. This museum is a Victorian town house dating back to the 1830’s, giving you a chance to walk through real history, soak up how people lived back then, while enjoying the beauty of the gilt painted done and the stained glass windows. This is a must if you love history and want to see what it was like living in London all those years ago which belonged to a painter named Sir Frederick Leighton.

Sir John Sloane Museum

Sir John Sloane was a top architect back in the day who loved collecting everything from art and statues to books. As you walk through this neo-classic town house, you will enjoy the space and light that this architect managed to achieve in the town house years ago, while you look at the art, the wonderful statues and array of books.

Dulwich Picture Gallery

Interestingly the picture gallery was built from scratch to display the Baroque masterpieces. It was Sir John Sloane who was commissioned to build the picture gallery which opened it’s doors in the 1800’s to the public enabling everyone to enjoy the art displayed on its walls.

Dennis Severs House

This museum is definitely one you are not going to want to miss when visiting London. This quirky museum dates back to the 1970’s and is clutter filled with interesting items. You can browse for hours, have some fun and see what unique items are on display in this busy and quirky space.

Wellcome Collection

The Wellcome collection is a medical collection which belongs to Dr Wellcome, who invented pill form that is used in medicines today. This museum doesn’t only interest those in the medical profession, but is an interesting visit for anyone looking for something different to enjoy. The museum is brimming with antique skulls, medicines, medical instruments and more. For those in the medical professional it will be an eye opener to see how far medicine has advanced.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

We all know that Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character based in London and the museum has been recreated based on these best selling novels to recreate Sherlock Holmes living quarters. Here you can see his pipe and hat, along with a host of other fun items which if you loved the books, you will find is great excitement to see if all live in person.

London has no shortage of spectacular sights and attractions, though it is often the smaller museums which are missed as they aren’t as well known. If you want to soak up the history of London and enjoy some of its culture, then taking the time to visit these small museums will not disappoint.

As you wander from small museum to small museum within London, always remember to soak up some of the spectacular architecture in the area. Many of the original buildings still stand in London today, many dating back centuries, enabling you to really get a good feel of what London was and what it is today.


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