The Best Retail Therapy London Has to Offer

For many visitors to London spending a few days shopping is exactly what the doctor ordered. In fact, a large volume of visitors will do their shopping in London taking advantage of the stores and boutiques, where they can purchase some of the top brands and some one of a kind items.

There are certain streets and areas which are considered the crème de la crème for retail therapy, these include:

Bond Street

Bond Street is probably the most famous shopping street in all of London. This has the biggest concentration of designer shops with names such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Armani and more to choose from. You can easily spend an entire day shopping in Bond Street and don’t forget to try the adjoining streets to see what other stores are available for you to buy what you are looking for.

Carnal Street

Carnaby Street is another must for anyone wanting to get some shopping done while visiting London. This street has more than one hundred and forty shops, bars and restaurants. The perfect place to shop and relax, sip a coffee and watch the other shopping bustle by. Take advantage of the quaint boutique stores and designer stores, offering an extensive range of clothing, home goods, technology, electrical and more.

Kings Road

Kings Roads is another of the top shopping areas of London. Here you will find a lively and local area complete with the high street stores you expect to find when having a much needed day of retail therapy. From Primark to Debenhams and more, you will easily spend your day exploring the stores and enjoying the time you need to relax and get all your shopping done with ease.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a top shopping area with the market as the main focal point. Once you have browsed the market and bought what you need, you can make your way to the variety of shops and coffee shops on offer. Relax with a delicious cappuccino or latte between stores to give you the energy boost you need to continue with the retail therapy well into the afternoon.


When looking for a day of shopping, then Knightsbridge may be the answer you are looking for. Knightsbridge is the home of the very famous department store, Harrods, which is known around the world for their luxury shopping experiences. Harrods has more than three hundred departments complete with experienced and qualified staff, so you are guaranteed to have the best shopping experience.

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is home to over three hundred shops taking up five million square feet of retail space. As you can imagine this is a shoppers paradise. This street is known for it’s designer boutique shops, which can take an entire day to explore everything on offer. Spend an afternoon window shopping or enjoy a day of relaxed retail therapy in Oxford Street This is one street you do not want to miss when spending a day of shopping in London.

Regent Street

Regent Street isn’t the highest on the list for shopping, but this street does have something special which provides a great day of shopping in London. Regent Street is where you will find the larger outlets, so while you may not have as many stores as Oxford Street or Bond Street, each store will offer you a wider selection of items, so you have to visit fewer shops to get what you need, which can be beneficial when you are shopping on limited time.


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