The Advantages of Brewing Gourmet Coffee at Home

Millions of Americans get their daily dose of java from international coffee chains that are popping up like mushrooms in major cities and quiet hamlets all over the world. With a seven percent annual growth rate, coffee shops are considered to be the fastest growing niche in the restaurant trade.

In the United States, that daily 16-ounce cup from an international coffee chain will end up costing you almost $850 for one whole year. For that amount of money, you can go away over a long weekend or get a new laptop and get an all-points tune-up for your car at the same time.

If you simply must have a good cup of coffee to start (or end) your day like billions of people all over the world, consider buying gourmet beans from a fair-trade coffee purveyor instead. You will save money and get more from your coffee experience.

Substantial Savings

If you buy whole beans of a supermarket coffee and brew it at home, your daily coffee habit comes to about 18 cents per cup (or about $65 a year). Gourmet coffee comes to a little bit more, roughly 27 cents per cup (about $100 a year), which is still substantially less than buying coffee from some well-known international chains.

Reliable gourmet coffee sellers are meticulous about selecting, roasting and packaging their beans to ensure the quality and freshness of their products. The premium price over supermarket brands is well worth the difference in taste, aroma and robust flavor.

A Better Coffee Experience

Brewing your gourmet coffee at home gives you precise control over what goes in your cup.

For instance, you can use your preferred sweetener rather than settle for the processed brown or white cane sugar found in most coffee shops. Try organic honey instead; it is much healthier and gives your cup of Joe an added layer of flavor without turning your coffee into a sweet, syrupy drink.

Home brewing enhances your coffee experience. With no tantalizing shelves of delectable baked treats to distract you, you can delight in the aroma and savor the full flavor of your coffee.

Most gourmet coffee sellers offer different roasts as well as beans from some of the finest coffee estates in the world. Without spending a fortune, you can enjoy Hawaiian Kona, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee or even a Kenyan variety any time of the day or night. And you don’t have to go any farther than your kitchen, or a dollar over your budget.


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