The 7 Keys to a Success Sponsored Blog

If you want to make money from sponsored posts, what are the keys to success? You need to “sell” your blog to advertisers without being able to contact them directly. Check out some statistics about your website and maybe visit it. Therefore, it is important that your blog is well prepared and ready for these advertisers. Although some systems have slightly different criteria than other systems, you will rank these key factors well with almost any
Sponsored Posting System. If you can follow these you should be able to make a decent income, but be careful this is not considered a get rich scheme.

Yes, some advertisers pay bloggers hundreds of dollars, but that’s only a few and your blog has to be perfect. So what might an advertiser consider when deciding whether to offer you for sponsorship? post on your blog? 1) A decent Google Page Rank and lots of inbound links. Try writing some articles and see if you can guest post some of your best work on other people’s blogs. The ranking will improve and
will increase the value of your blog directly.

2 ) Create followers. Advertisers measure traffic to a blog by Alexa rank and have a good newsletter distribution list and RSS showing that your expensive ad is going to reach an audience. 3) Use your own domain name. Don’t use a blogger’s name or someone else’s name – register your own URL and many more advertisers will be interested in yours.4) Write often.

If you only publish sponsored posts, many of the best advertisers who bother to look at your blog because they pay well know that at best your ad will be hidden among many others and at worst it will just get published . on a blog with the sole intention of making money. 5) Be selective. You can’t write often enough when you’re taking on many paid opportunities. If you accept 4 paid opportunities per day, some systems require you to write another 8 posts. !Two of your own for every paid
is a lot of typing when you take on a lot of paid opportunities.

Even if you simply accept all offers, many of them will be irrelevant to the topic of your blog. Casinos on a blog site can be featured as sponsored posts. It’s okay if it’s only every now and then, but if you often post multiple posts together, you’ll lose readers too.