The 5 Tollgates of Selling Up-Part 5

“I’m in!” Lori, the department’s general manager, told Caleb. Caleb had just joined Lori’s department from a competitor, where he had worked for two years after college. This was his first face-to-face meeting with Lori. Lori had a solid reputation as a person. Farmer looking for ways to expand her workforce with on-site learning opportunities.

I wanted to get this chance with Caleb. “That’s great to hear. I can get started on the plan right now,” Caleb said. “That’s great, what do you need from me now?” Caleb paused.

“Um, sorry?” What do you need from me?”Uh, nothing.”Nothing? Do you have the support you need from my management team?

“Well, I wanted to talk to you about it. When Lori saw the opportunity of the classroom moment, she decided to help Caleb think things through.” we had to do this job and that everyone should give him their full support? “Actually yes, that would help.” ?

“Yeah, that would help too, Lori.” So you see where I’m going, right? Caleb thought for a moment. “Haven’t I thought about how you could help me?” Exactly.

You did a great job preparing yourself with facts and data, convincing me of a problem and coming up with a good solution that matches my priorities. You just haven’t thought about why you need my help. She. My job is to make sure you have what you need for your job. If you don’t ask me for help, don’t let me do my job. Does that make sense?

“Yes,” Caleb said. “Okay, how about you put your questions together and we go through them tomorrow?” I will, thanks Lori. “Good job Caleb. Can you send Radhika on your way?”?

“Sure. See you tomorrow. Tollgate 5: I’m getting what you expect from me. Agreeing on a course of action is a great win; to close the deal you must state exactly what you want from me to the executive .. This could be a simple “Give me permission to proceed.”

” It could also include enlisting the support of other leaders, publicly expressing support for your course of action or other steps. Whatever your questions, make sure they’re specific and direct. Bland too being means your leader may not be up to what you expect of them.