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Technology has come such a long way in recent years and with it, the ways in which we can access information have never been so diverse. This generation of learners will be the first to grow up with every single piece of knowledge at their fingertips and with few boundaries on what they can learn or do on their own time. You don’t need to drive: The days of needing a car are over if you want to complete your education as an adult.

You could take your laptop to school if you’re an older student or even just get started on your assignments before class even starts. If you commute to work, you could use the commute time to listen to lectures from your phone through headphones. Online classes are perfect for people who can only afford one day off a week due to work commitments – instead of missing out on valuable learning opportunities, simply log in when you have free time and enjoy some peace and quiet while making progress towards graduation.

It’s much cheaper than going to college full-time: It costs an average of $14,000 annually to go to college full-time but by attending just one course per semester online, you save $7000 and make great strides towards graduating sooner. There are no distractions here!: With all the tools now available for working alone (like noise cancelling headphones), studying doesn’t have to be a noisy affair anymore. Additionally, there is no risk of developing social connections during class time since all interactions are virtual. There is nothing better than watching your screen light up after you’ve submitted an assignment. Students feel empowered by being able to choose when, where, and how they study because it puts them in control of their destiny! They also love that they can work at their own pace because they won’t be pressured by anyone else’s deadlines.

Finally, these students appreciate that there is always someone available to answer questions–either a professor, teaching assistant, tutor–whatever type of support you need for your subject area, chances are it’s readily available via video chat or email/chat. As well, technology has helped change the way that lectures are delivered and viewed, enabling more interaction between faculty members and students; something we didn’t see back when most schools were on pen and paper. Overall, the best benefit to choosing an online degree program? When you graduate from a quality institution like , employers know that you had access to high-quality instruction which means less explaining for YOU about your credentials down the road!