The Best WiFi For Small Business

So what is the best WiFi for small businesses? First off, let me tell you what isn’t. It’s NOT a $50 wireless router from Best Buy or Future Shop. It’s NOT those cheap wireless extenders promising unlimited range. If you want great WiFi for your small business you need to spend a little cash. The … Read more

Why Your Business Needs to Invest in Internet Broadband Plans

The year 2016 and the succeeding years to come will be all about big data. Households, businesses, academe, and other industry-related platforms need to function with the use of internet connection. More often than not, these platforms utilize internet data every single minute; and thus keeping the business in the loop. Computer, internet connection, and … Read more

How To Cut Down Costs For Your WiFi Internet Plans

Staying connected is vital nowadays. Whether it will be in business, in school or at home, internet connection and is always available is important. But, in the rapid span of changes in internet plans and consumption nowadays, it also comes together with a really surprising bill amount every end of the month. In reality, you … Read more

5 VPN Myths You Should Be Wary Of

A virtual private network (VPN) is a network that protects your information when accessing the internet on a public WIFI. The network also allows you access to blocked sites. While VPN services have been around for a long, few people understand them. This article sheds light on the topic. How to get VPN It’s easy … Read more

Putting A Lens On 4 Of The Best VPN Service Providers

There are literally tens of reasons why you should use virtual private networking (VPN). Some of the benefits include: Ability to hide your internet activity from your ISP If using public WiFi, have the ability to protect yourself from hackers   While there are many VPN service providers in the market, not all will give … Read more

5 Important Areas Affected by Internet Speed

Internet speed plays a huge role in your browsing experience on the web and whether you are using the internet connection for your personal needs or for business needs, you definitely want to have a smooth and pleasant experience every time. Nothing is more frustrating than page loadings that take forever to finish or buffering … Read more

Tips to Follow for Using a Virtual Private Network

A VPN or a virtual private network extends a particular private network across the public network and this includes the internet. It also enables the users to send as well as receive the data across the public networks and the shared networks. This is done as if they are computing devices and these devices are … Read more

Why Is My Wi-Fi Not Working?

Why is my Wi-Fi not working? Well, this is a frequent problem that could wreak havoc on the life of an Internet junkie. Usually, no one pays attention to it, until it lands us in a troublesome situation. Do you know the reasons that give rise to this problem? No worries, you will come to … Read more

Why Is My Wi-Fi Router Not Working?

Why is my Wi-Fi router not working? This is what people ask frequently when they find a slow internet connection or other annoying issues. A Wi-Fi router is a complicated device with sensitive parts inside. So, facing an issue with it frequently shouldn’t leave you surprised. Sometimes, the issues are easily detectable while the other … Read more