Teaching and Living in Prague – TEFL

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 9:19 pm Post subject: TEFL in Prague – Pros and Cons

Making the choice to train overseas is an critical one. Wherever you finish up, there are going to be positives and negatives to appearance out for. Each usa is distinctive, however numerous the enjoy of coaching overseas may be carried out to distinctive locations. My speciality is manifestly TEFL in Prague, Czech Republic, so let’s begin there and let’s begin with the positives


  1. You’ll Most Likely Have numerous Fun.

Sure lifestyles is ready paintings, however it is also approximately having a very good time. My first 12 months in Prague in 2002 changed into in all likelihood one of the maximum a laugh years of my lifestyles. The town has a high-quality nightlife and in case you are into staying up past due and having Hangoveresque experiences, then Prague is a high-quality stomping floor for you. Life cannot and is not approximately partying and having a very good time, however to mention this is not a plus to the town might be dishonest.

  1. The Teaching is Very Flexible.

In numerous different regions of the sector you’re given a strict time table and settlement which you cannot surely break. You are typically simplest capable of paintings for one faculty and such things as behavior and get dressed code are strictly enforced. Prague is distinctive. It’s manner greater flexible. Many human beings paintings for a whole lot of faculties and you’re given numerous instructional freedom on what and a way to train.

  1. Great Balance among Strange and Familiar with the City/Culture.

Prague is a present day town, however it is nevertheless very distinctive. It’s clean to narrate to Czechs and come to be pals with them, however the lifestyle may be very unique. I suggest in which else do younger girls get hit with sticks through the men on Easter to lead them to greater fertile? Where else do human beings maintain stay GIANT carp of their bathtubs to fatten them up as a way to have their Christmas dinner? I determined that each 12 months I changed into in Prague I changed into continually mastering increasingly more approximately the lifestyle an there has been continually some thing new to discover.

  1. Easy to Find a Place to Live and Get Around the City.

With web sites like expats.cz and prague.tv, it is incredible clean to locate a pleasing condo withinside the town middle or surrounding regions. Most instructors stay tremendously central. I do not know every person that lives out withinside the sticks and has to shuttle greater than 20-25 mins to their task except they have got deliberately selected to. In many different international locations an extended shuttle is the norm. Also, nobody goes to pressure you to stay in a positive place. In maximum different international locations, you’re on the mercy of in which the faculty you figure for homes you. In Prague, you make a decision all of it. The public shipping in Prague is ridiculously clean and inexpensive. It fees approximately 30 USD or so for a month lengthy byskip that may be used for all buses, metros and trams withinside the town.


  1. The Level of Teaching in Prague is Great.

Pretty a great deal all people now is aware of what they’re doing in phrases of methodology, exercise and technique. It does not sound like a huge deal, however you may pop out of your first 12 months absolutely being a very good teacher (typically) In numerous elements of the sector, education isn’t critical at all. Most individuals who are coaching in Asia in all likelihood haven’t any concept what they’re doing and maximum faculties have 0 knowledge of what works and what’s critical withinside the classroom.


  1. Simply a Gorgeous City.

Prague is lovely. What greater ought to you ask for? Seriously, pass on Google and have a take a observe the place. It’s one of the maximum lovely towns in Europe.

  1. Friendly and Curious Population.

Czechs get a surely terrible rap for being cold. They may seem this manner whilst you first meet them, however they surely are sweet, interesting, sincere and exceedingly outgoing human beings. Over the years I’ve met a few extremely good Czechs that have been my students. I assume that is viable in different elements of the sector, however perhaps now no longer as clean because of formality issues. It’s now no longer unusual for college kids to stay pals with you after their direction and invite you to social gatherings. This typically entails ‘happening the cottage to select out mushrooms withinside the nature’.