Storage Tips And Organization Guide For Food And Beverages In The Kitchen

As the third part of my kitchen organization guide, here are some storage tips and organization guide for food and beverages in the kitchen.

Vegetable Storage

Besides the refrigerator, other storage areas for root vegetables include baskets, racks or drawer. The ultimate dream kitchen has separately operated refrigerated and dehumidified drawers (as opposed to drawers in the refrigerators) for fresh food like vegetables and bread, which can be a generally expensive option.

A simple and inexpensive alternative is to create a ventilated drawer in the existing kitchen. This should be fairly deep and have runners that are strong enough to take the weight of root vegetables like potatoes. Drill ventilation holes at intervals along the sides your bottom kitchen drawer, and perhaps some along the front it this van be done neatly. Set a rack or racks in the bottom of the drawer to allow air under the vegetables, and use it frequently to ensure good air circulation.

Keeping Packaged Food

For canned and packaged food such as dry flour, salt and olive oil, the ultimate store cupboard would be a walk-in larder with a marble or slate slab for storing cooked or prepared food in anticipation of a meal and shelves up the walls. Most of us would have to make do with just a cupboard or a couple of drawers.

A drawer is an ideal place to store food in that you can pull it our and see right to the back at a glance. If you’re building a customized kitchen, measure your stores and have drawers made to fit; one for cans and jams, and a deeper one below for larger packets and jars.

If you keep your stores in a cupboard, there’s an easy way to prevent things from disappearing to the back. Simply cut a U shape out of the middle of the front of each shelf. No doubt you lose some surface area but you’ve got better accessibility in return. If the cupboard is tall, you can hang a hook for aprons or string bags on the middle of the inside of the cupboard door since there’s now space to for them to hang down.


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