Stop Child Labour!

Child labor refers to the employment of children in any work that deprives children of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school, and that is mentally, physically, socially, or morally dangerous and harmful. This practice is considered exploitive by many international organizations. It can also be referred to as the employment of children in any industry or business especially when illegal or considered exploitive.

Out of all the wrongdoings in the world, Child Labor is probably the most frowned upon and the most dangerous as it not only ruins the children’s present but proves to be harmful to further generations to come. Kids are completely deprived of their right to attend regular school and get a proper education which can break their future. Apart from that, they are made to do work far beyond what their bodies can handle. Kids are also not fed properly thus leading to malnourishment.

Main Causes of Child Labor
1. Poverty and Overpopulation: These two go hand in hand. In my underdeveloped or developing countries, people in rural areas have more kids thinking that they’re going to grow up and become a source of income. However, when the sole bread earner of the family cannot suffice to the growing needs of the children, then the family has no other option left than to send their kids to work to earn some extra money.

2. Illiteracy: Lack of education among the poor members of society causes them to not understand the importance of primary education and the benefits education has on a child’s future. Being illiterate, they are also unaware of the social, physical, and psychological trauma labor has on their children.

3. In many developed nations, large multinational companies hire children to work in textile mills or factories. They can force kids to work as much as they want them to and don’t have to worry about them going on strikes or forming labor unions as these kids and illiterate and unaware of their rights. they are more hands to work and fewer mouths to feed. Being unaware of their rights, kids are paid extremely little but are unable to retaliate.

4. Apathy of the government: Although there are strict laws set in place concerning opposition to child labor, these laws are rarely ever implied strictly and are not being followed as they should. The lack of interest and apathy of the government is solely responsible for the torture these kids have to go through every single day.

5. Families migrating from rural to urban areas often have very little to survive and with decreasing job opportunities day by day, children often have to bear the burden of supporting their families while adults are left unemployed.

How to fix the problems caused by Child labor
.The government needs to take very strict measures to make sure that all the child labor laws put in place are strictly followed and put proper punishments in place cause these laws are broken.
.Every child should be provided with free primary education and workshops should be held to teach families the negative impacts of child labor on their kid’s lives as well as the importance of education.
. poor families should be provided with enough cash that they can survive until they are employed. Kids should also be given cash for school uniforms, books, and other supplies needed.
.To prevent other countries from hiring children, trade sanctions should be imposed and there should be consumer boycotts on food items, machinery, and all kinds of imports.

As soon as our children have been given the right to education and can live their childhood freely without any responsibilities or consequences, we can all look towards a brighter future!

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