Starbucks Verismo Review

The Starbucks Verismo coffee pod system is the coffee behemoth’s latest move into the battlefield of coffee pod dominance. The Starbucks Verismo system strives to vertically integrate your coffee experience. Now you can get your Starbucks coffee from your Starbucks branded coffee machine in you Starbucks satellite cafe (aka your kitchen).

Verismo System Pros:

The greatest advantage the Verismo system has over K cups and their ilk, is its ability to make barista quality lattes. Verismo uses a pod system called K-fee, which originates from Germany. The K-fee pods allow for lattes by combining an espresso pod and a powdered milk pod. The ending latte is quite delicious and is equivalent to ordering one in a Starbucks store. Plus you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy a great latte.

The Verismo system also allows Starbucks to brand and sell their many different blends of coffee. Most of the blends are strong and acidic, like the brewed coffee in a Starbucks store. My personal favorite is the Veranda blend, which also happens to be the lightest blend currently offered.


The greatest challenges facing the Verismo system are the price of the pods and the variety of said pods. A box of 12 pods tends to average $12 with some blends costing slightly more. It’s hard to find the pods for less, because they are almost exclusively sold at Starbucks stores. K cups for example can cost significantly less, due to the many K cup utilizing brands competing with each other. More competition lowers the price for the consumer. Since Verismo chiefly only competes with itself, there is less of a need to make the prices ultra competitive.

Variety, while improved since the introduction of the Verismo pods is still greatly lacking compared to K cups. Verismo pods are currently offered for coffee, lattes and some teas. While selection is bound to improve over time, don’t go with Verismo if you favorite coffee blend or tea currently isn’t offered. You could be waiting awhile for it to become available.


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