Spirituality, You and Money


Years ago I attended a Money and you Workshop because I felt that money is an expression of spiritual life. Money represents energy and energy fulfills things through beliefs, values and actions. How we think, feel, and handle our money is a direct reflection of how we position ourselves in this finite physical world. Since we are physical beings made of the earth, we are drawn to things of the earth. Food, shelter, closing, power; these finite things put restrictions on us, causing us some inner tension. When there is tension, there is dynamism along with the opportunity to make decision that can shape and reshape our lives. If we are wise, we use this tension or inner struggle for making good decisions around the accumulation, management, and use of our energy and our money. But why then do some people find themselves constantly in debt while other people hoard their money?


Personality patterns can provide a format for developing self-awareness of how we use our energy. For example, in the Money and You Workshop, there was an experiential exercise where we had so much time and so many pieces of paper that represented money that we could use any way we saw fit. After the exercise, we counted what we had and the person who had the most pieces of paper money won. I had the most money at the end of the exercise not because I was hoarding but because of what I did. Here’s what I did. I sat there and offered to give people a reflexology treatment, something I am trained to do and something I love to do.

While performing my services, one participant offered to be my manager. I agreed and he proceeded to sell my services to others, taking his commission for my services from the fee charged. I was doing what I naturally enjoyed doing and he was doing what he naturally enjoyed doing which was marketing. I had the most money when the exercise ended mainly because I didn’t have time to spend any money. My manager, because he went around the room, spent some of his money to engage others in my service living the idea that it takes money to make money. The spiritual lesson I took from this exercise was: do what you love to do in the service of others and money will flow your way.

We can think of ourselves as a three-sided triangle with each side as important as the others. There is the Mental Side, the Social Side, and the Physical Side – all three sides create a holistic dynamic system that is as strong as each side or as weak as each side. Although we all have these three sides of ourselves, we tend to prefer one side over the others thereby creating a dominant expression. As we go through life, we may or may not understand that all sides need to be developed and we also need to understand that sometimes the development of our one-sided preference may be too strong for someone else which can cause tension and conflict.

Following is a brief description of these three sides with the Social expression taking two forms. Through many years of learning, developing, and delivering personality workshops, I clearly see how these four patterns of human expressions often play out and I can relate these patterns to how people may show up around the topic of their money.

1. PHYSICAL: Some people focus more on security and safety needs while conserving energy and seeking stability in the physical world which I relate to the element of earth.

2. SOCIAL-Subjective: Other people focus more on relationship building, harmony, feelings and the social world of empathetically connecting with others which I relate to the element of water.

3. SOCIAL-Objective: Still others focus more on distilling complicated topics into bullet points, solving immediate problems and connecting the world of ideas to immediate actions with and through others moving ideas forward which I relate to the element of fire.

4. MENTAL: And there are people who focus more on ideas, systems, overviews and the mental world of inventing and creating new ways to view things which I relate to the element of air.






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