Soup – One of the Best Yet Most Overlooked Foods

There must be a greater variety in soup than there is in any other type of food.

Lets think about it – you really can make an infinite variety. You can put practically anything you like into a soup and tailor it to your own tastes or dietary needs. If you are on any sort of controlled or restricted diet then soup can make things a lot more interesting and varied for you.

You can have winter soups which are thick and filling and give you a lovely warm internal glow. At the other end of the scale there are the chilled soups which are perfect for a light meal on a hot summers day. And in between those two there is a whole world of variety possible.

If you are trying to lose weight soups are a complete Godsend. You can eat a lot of soup without packing in too many calories so long as you are sensible about the ingredients. It is easy to keep soup low fat and full of complex carbohydrates.

Making soups can be simple or complex depending on the recipe but they are almost always easy.

One way in which you can make the job even easier is to invest in a hand blender.

These little gadgets are invaluable for any serious soup maker. If you want to make a smooth soup then all you have to do is plug in your hand blender and whizz the whole thing up in the pan. No need to decant it bit by bit into a blender jug and then into another container. This always ends up with a complete mess with spilled soup all over the place. Using a stick blender avoids this altogether. They are very effective and will produce a beautifully lump free pan of soup in a couple of minutes. Plus they are super easy to wash – unlike a blender goblet.

Soups are so often overlooked. So many people think soup equals boring when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Well at least if you use a little imagination.


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