Some Top Office Coffee Service Product and Supply Items

If you’re going to have coffee available for your clients and staff, selecting the most popular quality items is important. Why bother with even servicing coffee if nobody drinks it because it isn’t very good or is downright awful? There are innumerable favorite types of products available for offices. While some are the name brands, such as Starbucks, you’ll also find some extremely popular gourmet coffee sold only by specific companies that are a hit with not only staff but also customers as well.

May of the top service companies offer a wide selection of blends from which to select. You might find your office staff loves a robust blend or a milder one. You’ll also find companies that offer the popular flavored coffee, which many people love as a special treat. However, you should also consider the people that drink decaffeinated coffee and make certain your service provides this type too. Of course, a Columbian blend is always popular, no matter whether you purchase it in a restaurant or have a soothing cup of Joe in the office. Another popular item is packaged hot chocolate, too.

Another popular coffee item is a single cup container, for those offices with the state of the art machines that brew individual servings. Don’t worry about those tea drinkers either. Many of these products include containers of real leaf teas also. Depending on the service you use, they may also provide hot weather beverages such as powdered drinks like Crystal Light or even juices. You’ll find that some of the popular products offered through vendors also include packaged cappuccino mixes and hot apple cider.

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other hot drinks aren’t all that coffee services provide. If you have a service that does it all, leaving you with nothing to worry about, they also provide cups, creamers, stirrers, sweeteners, lids and sleeves for paper cups. You’ll find a wide variety of different creamers and sweeteners available through coffee services. In most cases, services offer sugar and several types of other sweeteners, often identified by the color of their package-blue, pink or yellow.

They also provide a wide selection of creamers. You’ll find individual sealed cups of non-dairy creamers, both flavored and regular or packets of powdered creamers. Some companies provide large bottles of non-dairy creamers both flavored and regular, with a pump lid to add just the right proportion and cut down on waste. Your coffee service may also provide plastic table service, plates, Styrofoam bowls and napkins, which are quite popular for offices. These come in handy if you offer your staff or clients donuts or pastries with their coffee.


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