Snowboard Holidays – What Are Your Choices

There is no doubt that snowboard holidays have become extremely popular as the interest in this winter activity continues to grow throughout the world. Although many tourist destinations are seen to cater to the skiing fraternity, the inclusion of snowboarding amenities continues to increase, as these destinations seek to capitalize on this sector of the winter vacation market.

Where exactly one can go to make the most of their snowboard holidays is no longer as limited as it once was, and we take a look at some of the more popular destinations now available to the snowboarding enthusiast and community.

Although Australia may not be on top of one’s list or even expectations when it comes to snowboard holidays, there are a number of resorts that have become quite popular within the snowboarding communities down under. Additionally these resorts are quite easily accessible, thanks to the infrastructure in Australia. Some of the most popular resort areas include Mount Buller, Perisher, Threadbo, Falls Creek and Selwyn Snowfields. Although there are a number of additional opportunities these are often times reported as being some of the best available when one considers this specific type of holiday in Australia.

Europe has some of the best destinations available for snowboard holidays, and to suit a variety of budgets too. Ranging from the various resorts in France and Austria, the budget conscious snowboarder may also want to consider the various Eastern Europe options too. From Bansko in Bulgaria to Vogel and Jasna in Slovenia and Slovakia respectively there some great options for snowboard holidays in these up and coming regions. These regions together with a number of options in Russia have become quite popular in recent years, together with the advancement of the respective infrastructure within these regions ensures that they will in fact grow in popularity in the years to come. The more established and well known regions in France, Austria and Switzerland offer an exceptional opportunity for snowboard holidays, and here one is hardly limited within the availability of snowboarding amenities and facilities.

North America represented by the United States and Canada also offer a wide variety of opportunities when it comes to snowboard holidays, and with the recent winter Olympics many people were exposed to what the greater Whistler region has to offer when it comes to winter sports and activities. From Mammoth Mountain and Vail in the United States to that of Whistler, Big White and Lake Louise in Canada, again the avid snowboarder has a wide variety of choices when it comes to the specifics of suitable destinations as far as snowboard holidays are concerned


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