Small Business Tools to Help Expand Your Business


Having a blog can provide your readers and visitors quality content that they may be looking for before they need to buy anything. You can gain credibility as well, and search engines also love blogs. Keeping it updated on a daily basis is going to be key. This can be a great way to increase traffic to your website as well.


Get a website to start with. This gets you on the Internet. When people want to get data and info about something, the Internet is where they head first. You can use free services as well as ones that you are going to have to pay for. You can be found by the search engines, which can help you get traffic.

YouTube Channel

This is a great one of the many small business tools that can help get yourself and your brand known on the Internet. You can have a video on your website to better greet your customers and visitors and give it a more personal feel. This makes people feel comfortable and it’s also more inviting.


There are several classified sites that are free to get onto. These offer you the chance to have ads of your business for free, and this equals more eyes and traffic to your site. You might just get a better turnover as opposed to paid ads. There are many small business tools that can help get your website the traffic it needs in order to expand. Without traffic to your site, your business cannot grow into something huge. Utilize the tools to your benefit and watch your sales increase.

Mailing List

Some so-called experts say mailing is dead. This is not true at all. Mailing lists may be old-fashioned but they are nonetheless an excellent way to maintain contact with customers. One web-based list manager that you may want to look into is MailChimp. What I like about it is that you can integrate it into your existing tools, applications, or content system. There are a lot of plugins, too, so you shouldn’t have trouble zeroing in on what works for you. MailChimp lets you add up to 500 subscribers, and send out 3,000 emails monthly for free!


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