Sliding Door System – Back To Basics

Due to the traditional options of doors to which most people are exposed to, too few people elect for a sliding door system. However, when talking about this system of doors, the first question that may come to your mind is “what is a sliding door” due to unfamiliarity of the subject?

The sliding doors system is not really a new concept, however it is innovative. The Roman houses, specifically in the buried city of Pompeii in Italy, have evidently made use of the system as their main choice of doors. These are usually suspended or mounted on columns or panels of stone construction. So instead of its earlier counterparts, which are by the way made of large boulders of rocks that move sideways, the Romans have innovated a type of door that works in similar fashion although a mounting was used to guide the door into a specific direction – more like digging a straight canal into the underlying construction as a guide for direction.

Contemporary systems, however, are more sophisticated. Using wood, metal or vinyl tracks, the doors are now fitted to a frame allowing the rolling or sliding motion at the top and the bottom of the track. Usually, rollers are used for ease of movement. These could be adjusted for ease of use. In most cases, the rollers are connected on both the top and bottom areas of the track but there are systems that make use only of the bottom part of the track due to structural concerns.

For example, heavier doors as a rule glide on rollers attached to the bottom track while lighter doors are hung from the top.

To secure the doors, a number of catches are used. The type to be used in a specific system depends largely on the manufacturer and the material utilized for the construction.

The most common type of material used for modern system is wood. In the past decades however, aluminum sliders were common. But due to their stark appearance and other infamous qualities, the popularity of these doors has declined. Nonetheless, they remain as a staple in the market.

The sliding door system has evolved from primitive to modern. With the continuous development in the home building industries, the system is expected to meet newer versions that would break the ordinary image of doors. The newest developments, in fact, include those types that are no longer dominated by single-panel doors.


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