Sliding Closet Doors Provide Understated Elegance

Most people design the interior of their closet to suit their needs, but don’t give much thought to one important point – how to actually get into the closet. That is to say, the door! But in order to fully complement your bedroom, you should give a bit of thought to what kind of door your closet should have.

It all depends on what kind of closet you have, of course. A walk-in closet requires a different door than a reach-in, for example.

If you have a long closet (as opposed to a deep one), then you’ll probably want to think about installing sliding doors.

Drawbacks to sliding glass doors?
What are the drawbacks to a sliding door? Are you worried about the doors coming off the rails? If the doors are properly installed, this won’t happen. YOu will also always hear the sound of the door sliding on its rail. That can perhaps irritate people with sensitive nerves. But again, properly installed, this noise wouldn’t be that loud.

An over-the-door system on which to hang your ties or shoes wouldn’t work to well on a sliding door, or a bifold door, for that matter. But depending on your needs, that is a minor matter, as you can purchase under-the-bed rolling racks for your shoes – which will get them off the floor of your closet and also out of sight.

When searching for a sliding door, you will want to buy one of good quality – that comes with silent rails and a damper system so that the doors won’t slam into the jambs with too much force.

Once you’ve decided on sliding doors, which type should you get? There is a large variety of designs to meet any need.

Mirrored doors double the size of your room
If you feel that your bedroom seems rather small, mirrored doors might be the solution. Floor to top mirrors will reflect the room and make it seem twice as large. You’ll also be able to see yourself from head to toe when trying on a new outfit, so that’s an added bonus.

Frosted or smoked glass doors are another alternative, and can offer a unique look.

If you like the warm tones of wood, then you’ve got the choice of wood or wood laminate. Wood laminate doors are lighter than solid wood doors and slide easier, solid wood usually looks more elegant to the eye.

The wooden doors can be solid, paneled, or louvered. It all depends on what looks good to your eye.

Comparison shopping
As with any major purpose, you want these doors to be with you for a long time. So you’ll want to do some comparison shopping, which is easier than ever now with the internet. You’ll also want to visit a few home improvement stores in your area so you can see how they look in their proper setting, before you invest in the doors that are right for you.