Simple Soups With Big Flavors

If you are looking for a simple meal idea yet do not want to spend the entire day in the kitchen, why not consider simple soups with big flavors as a viable option? Soups are a very simple and filling meal choice that not only works well as a hot lunch, but also a fantastic course for a bigger dinner as well. Children love hot soups such as chicken noodle at lunchtime, and parents love a hot flavorful soup later in the evening to hot the spot. Picking the right soup for the occasion, may actually be one of the biggest frustrations in the food world as they are all great.

Hot Or Cold

One of the truly unique aspects about soup is that you can actually enjoy it hot or cold. With wonderful options such as cold potato soup or even Gazpacho, you can take the soups you love to a whole new level. These soups are great within the warmer months, as they are great as picnic choices and can be enjoyed with salads and even something as simple as hotdogs or hamburgers. Usually cold soups are served with larger meals and are more common within European and south American cultures than you would find within the North American regions. You are far more likely to find soups that are of the hot nature, And this is nothing to shy away from as there are some absolutely delightful soups that can both be enjoyed at lunch and dinner alike.

Healthy Ingredients

One of the most notable things about soup is that it is chocked full of healthy ingredients. With delightful soups such as vegetable and or heavier stews, you can find some fantastic ingredients such as celery, potatoes, and carrots. Soups are a blend of excellent ingredients married to a wonderful broth combined to forge a simple meal with attention. Each and every culture has a soup that is considered a delicacy, and you will easily find many that are enjoyed each and every day. You will usually find a stew in a healthy living or great diet recipe book, as they are full of ingredients are not only healthy for you they are gentle on a diet as well. Diet programs such as weight watchers has a point system, and vegetable are actually free on this point system making stews and soups ideal for weight control.

A Long History

The truly interesting thing about soup is that it actually has a much longer history than originally thought. The basic idea of soup is that it is made from a broth and this was made generally from a bone or two in boiling water. This would extract the marrow and form a stock, and this is where you add the other ingredients such as other forms of meat like chicken and some vegetables. Quite simply soup has been around and eaten since fire and the boiling of water have changed the face of cooking.


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