SharePoint VS Teams VS OneDrive

Differences and When to Use Them
Microsoft has many programs as a solution for collaborative work and communication. In the case of SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive share some similar functionalities that can present confusion when choosing one of these solutions (or several of them).

The IT environment of a company is dynamic so it is always in constant change and evolution. The heads of the IT department must offer the best tools to the members of the company to improve working conditions, increase their efficiency and promote effective collaboration.

That is why, in this article, we are going to define these three Microsoft collaborative work programs, looking at their functions and advantages. Finally, we will explain when it is advisable to choose to use one or more of them in a company.

What is SharePoint
SharePoint is a Microsoft product that encompasses a series of web-based tools designed to build business solutions that have to do with communication, collaboration and management of a company. SharePoint can be used in the cloud with SharePoint online or deployed locally on a company network with SharePoint Server.

SharePoint is characterized by being highly configurable and being integrated with the multiple tools that Microsoft Office 365 includes. It is a true “Swiss Army knife” when it comes to implementing solutions that require collaboration and productivity.

Advantages of using SharePoint
The different tools that SharePoint includes allow you to create different solutions in a business environment, among which we can highlight:

Collaboration applications.
Workflowengine (workflow)
Data storage.
APPS ion intelligence business.
Intranet and extranet solutions.
Development platforms.
ECM business content manager and CSM web content.
Portal manager (for example, employee portal).
SharePoint offers a variety of applications according to the needs of each project, such as lists and tasks. It is interactive, easy to use and is ideal for multiple users, being able to handle a huge amount of stored information.

What are Teams
Microsoft Teams is a professional tool for instant communication between two people or between groups. All participants have access to common work projects so that they are informed about them.

Teams are the ideal solution to include instant conversation integrated into a business environment that works with Office 365, providing the necessary interaction and security for it.

Many people make the mistake of classifying Microsoft Teams as a tool used solely for chatting, but it goes much further. The Teams solution makes chat another tool within the communication of a work team, providing all its advantages and encouraging communication between team members to become more frequent and fluid.

Advantages of Using Teams
With Microsoft Teams, a company will have a powerful communication and collaboration tool among its workers, highlighting:

  Business chat including configurable bots. These are group chats or for two people who have access to all the resources of the work team. Using BI, programmed bots can be created to automate tasks and facilitate access to tasks or queries.
  Access to Office 365 documents. Teams integrate with the Office 365 suite, being able to share the work teams and documents of the different office tools quickly and easily.
  Video calls integrated into mobile devices. In addition, these calls can be shared with other members of the work team, creating groups of calls (configuring audio, image or text messages to notify of a shared call).
  Integration with external applications such as Power BI panels or SharePoint pages. The ability to integrate with external applications to expand the capabilities of the work team is a great advantage of Teams.
  Improve meetings. Using Teams for work meetings is much easier. From the moment the meeting is created, you can start chatting with the members of the meeting about the agenda, share and review documents, take notes and share them, generate lists of pending tasks, etc. At the end of the meeting, a tab will be created with everything that happened, so if someone was unable to attend or joined the meeting late, they can review everything that happened as many times as they want.

Teams provide numerous benefits for businesses and organizations. On the one hand, it increases your productivity by streamlining collaborative tasks, offers effective communication between the different members of the workgroups or with other departments, and configures each work environment according to your needs.

What is OneDrive
OneDrive is primarily Microsoft’s solution for cloud storage. Its popularity has grown in recent years as it is integrated into Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 10. In addition, in its free version, it offers 15 GB of cloud storage, making it very useful for small businesses and individuals.

OneDrive is fully integrated with Office 365. If you subscribe to Microsoft’s office suite, you will enjoy 1 TB of OneDrive storage.

Advantages of using OneDrive
The main benefits of using OneDrive cloud storage in your business are:

Full integration with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, One note, in short, with Office 365.
Automated synchronization with multiple devices (computers and mobile devices).
Quick and easy access to stored files.
Allows file sharing for group work.
SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive: When to Use Them

The three Microsoft solutions share some things in common, but they are not mutually exclusive, so they can be used together in the IT environment of a company.

SharePoint is more focused on collaborative work and creating work environments within the company where information, projects, etc. can be shared. Teams, for its part, focuses more on the area of ​​direct communication with its messaging or instant chats, creating associated workspaces. OneDrive is integrated into Office 365 and Windows 10, its main function being the storage of all types of files (text, video, images, even backups) in the cloud.


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