Selling Or Renting a Timeshare

When one decides to sell their beloved timeshare that they have enjoyed for a few years, the first thought that enters their mind is approaching the resort developer. They soon realize that the resort has their own properties to sell, thus it would be a conflict of interest for the resort to choose to sell their own property over yours. With the slowing economy the developers advertising budget has dropped so substantially that the partial business that they are doing would generally not be dissolved among the owners, The GM’s are there to make money after all. So finally even if some Resort owners claim to help you resell your timeshare it just might not be in your best interest to market your timeshare and expect it to sell through just the marketing efforts of your resort alone.

Although its pretty clear that the resort itself wont market your timeshare for you, but even with that fact true we also understand the need for a company that markets with the same aggressiveness, similar strategies, exposure, and that is where the real challenge lies in choosing the resale company you need to sell your timeshare. Keeping in mind the fact that there probably no resale company out there that comes close to lets say Wyndham or Westgate’s $100 million advertising budget we need find the best Bang for your Buck deal to get your Suit / Condo the proper exposure it needs. Since your timeshare resale agent doesn’t have the luxury of putting a “For sale” sign in the front lawn of your timeshare or go change up the interior a bit to attract more customers we can cancel out the possibility of going up to your neighbor hood real estate agents because this is not there “area of expertise.” An ideal marketing for your timeshare for sale or rent would be a combination of the timeshare developers aggressive sales tactics and a real estate agents power to network with multiple organizations in the business just to get the word out, whether that be from print media like news papers, flyers, postal mail soliciting. OR video and other mass media advertising.

When selecting a timeshare resale company one must look for these key marketing strategies. To successfully sell or rent a timeshare the resale agent must at least have their full inventory on a website where the customers world wide can take a look and be able to contact the agent, you should always ask how many monthly visitors the company gets on their website. Another question worth asking would be whether or not they have had any experience with your particular resort, and comparing your price with ones already listed with the agency your working with should also let you gain an edge on the market.

Asking about their other promotion method is crucial, whether the company does any promotional giveaways and hold in house presentations where potential buyers would be able to ask questions and see a virtual presentation of the timeshare itself. Knowing whether the agents go out to trade-shows and events on a regular basis also shows how far a company is willing to go to get your timeshare sold. Even though predicting how long its going to take to sell your timeshare is quiet difficult but asking the agent what their average turn around time is on a unit similar to yours should give you an estimate on how long it should take to get your property moving.


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