Selecting the Perfect Classic Roofing for Your Home

When choosing classic roofing styles, you’ll find that the selection is endless. From metal to clay tile, you can be sure to find a style that suits the design of your home. The classic roof was often made with considerable craftsmanship. Detailing was often used to add to the beauty of the roof. Wooden shakes were also used, but are they currently the best for your home? They probably aren’t. In today’s world, low maintenance homes are often sought after and a wooden shake roof would need specialized care. Today there are many alternatives to the traditional roofing often found in classic older homes. Synthetic roofing can be found in many styles, textures, and colors giving your roof the appearance you seek.

The synthetic roof will not only give you the protection against weathering and better durability but will last much longer than the standard cedar or slate roofs also available today. Many newer man-made slates and imitation shakes are actually filled with rubber compounds, making a better UV inhibitor, insuring durability and better fire resistance than regular roofing material. The ease of installing this synthetic material is just one more benefit you will find. Air pressured nail guns can be used to install this roofing material while cedar shakes and real slate can not.

Recycled roofing can give your classic roof the benefit of using materials that would otherwise be thrown away. Known as green roofing, these are polymer based roofing materials and are made with some recycled content. Tiles are often made from automotive and industry waste. This means your tiles may have tiny bits and pieces of unused or recycled tire rubber. Green roofing has been tested for low water absorption, UV resistance, and how well it does in freezing weather. Fewer repairs are needed and this roof can last much longer than your natural shake or cedar roof.

If you like the traditional classic look of a roof, you will be better off trying a lightweight, synthetic product. Traditional roofing materials often cannot withstand the high winds, and other extreme weather conditions as well as synthetic materials. Steel tiles are designed to look like classic roof tile but with the advantage of easy installation and it can also be found at a lower price range than the traditional roofing material. When first deciding on which style of roofing you prefer, remember to weigh out the benefits of each option. Decide which style will best beautify your home, yet still offer the durability you need.


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