Save Money This Winter On Heating And Air

The season for warmth is upon you. Having a warm home to retreat to when the season throws it’s harshest weather out there is really where it’s at in the winter. So, it makes you ask yourself if your home is ready for this winter. And, part of all this preparation is done not only to stay warm this fall and winter season but to make sure that you don’t spend all of your money on heating and air bills. All too often, many homeowners report that a major chunk of their money is spent on heating and air bills. And, no one wants to spend all of their hard earned money just to stay warm this winter. Besides, it is the season for giving, but most people don’t want to give all their money to the utility companies.

So, what can you do to make sure that you do not spend all of your money this winter on heating and air? Well, first it begins with taking a good look at your home. There are a few major areas in the home where heat loss can occur, and cold air can seep in. Of course, this begins with the doors and windows of your home.

Take a look at the doors and windows. Do they close with a tight fit? Are the storm windows installed on the windows? Can you feel a bit of airflow coming through the door or window even when it is closed and locked? If you can feel air coming through, then it is a good idea to seal these doors with a special kit that you can buy at any hardware store. These kits are perfect for keeping cold air coming in from the windows and doors and keep your energy costs down.

Also, there are a variety of kits that you can use for covering some of your drafty windows with plastic. Of course nothing is better than a high-efficiency window with “low E” glass, that closes with an ultra-tight fit. But, if you cannot afford to replace all your windows at once with more efficient windows then plastic may be your only option for staying warm.

There are also a couple of other major things around your house to check to save money this winter. One of those is checking the furnace or calling a professional to make sure it is running at it’s best. But, another important question to ask is, does your attic have adequate insulation? If your attic has no insulation then you have a big problem. Most homes these days have been built with insulation in the walls and attic. But, there are still homes with no insulation whatsoever. and, this can make for a very cold home and very expensive heating and air bill. Many people consider putting insulation in every square inch of open space, whether it be the attic or the basement floor joists or the walls. This is a smart idea because the initial cost for insulation will be made up later when you see just how low your energy bill can be.


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