Salvaging Coffee Once It’s Gone Cold

A vast number of Americans drink coffee, and most of them do so in the morning after waking up. This drink has long been the one of choice for people needing an early pick me up and an energized start to the day. Even if you aren’t interested in (or affected by) caffeine, the experience of drinking coffee can be both relaxing and rejuvenating. However, many of us often misjudge our needs and mix too much.

Instead of throwing the unused grounds and that have wasted pot of freshly brewed goodness, put it to good use instead. There are a number of alternative, creative ideas people have come up with, and believe it or not but they can serve functional purposes as well. Due to their natural aroma, coffee grounds can be used to freshen and deodorize.

Things You Can Do with Coffee Besides Drink It

Here is a list of things you probably haven’t thought of, but will probably find yourself doing in the near future:

• Clean your hands: Although not as effective as soap or sanitizing cleaners, coffee grounds can be used to absorb odors from your skin. Simply take a pinch of used grounds and rub them on your hands before washing with soap and water.
• Make an iced coffee specialty: Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean it still can’t taste great. Instead of spending $5 (or more) for an iced latte or coffee espresso at your local coffee shop, make your own drink. Throw in some ice cubes and wait for the drink to reach a chilled temperature. It will taste good and still give you that caffeine kick long after it’s been brewed.
• Use it to dye material: Who said coffee stains always look bad? Did you know that you can dye your hair with that cup of morning Joe? Well, that’s not all you can do. From Easter Eggs to clothing, coffee is a great dyeing agent. After all, it is grown as a plant (where dye comes from).
• Deodorize: If you need to make a space smell fresh and eliminate disgusting odors and don’t have any baking soda on hand, put some coffee grounds in a cup and you will be good to go.
• Stain and fix scratches on wooden furniture: You may never buy expensive, commercial wood stain again. Whether you need to hide unsightly scratches or increase the lightness/darkness of wood color, old coffee is a must have.

Hopefully by now, you will never think of gourmet coffee the same. Have fun and don’t waste it, because chances you have a project in store where it could be put to good use!


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