Rototranslating Doors for Disabled People

Rototranslating doors are built especially for places and people with little room to manoeuvre such as disabled people and small rooms. They are also useful for places with high hygiene and health issues due to their ability to be cleaned quickly and frequently such as hospitals and public places. They are very attractive and come in a wide range of finishes and sizes to cater for different tastes.

They are perfect as doors for the disabled as they swing and rotate both ways in the door frame so anyone wheelchair bound would be able to go through with ease form either side of the door. Once through the door it is also extremely easy to close making it the ideal replacement for cumbersome standard doors. The idea is that rather than have a standard door with a circular motion, you use a variable-radius longitudinal arch that is very similar to a cycloid.

Due to the dimensions of the rototranslating door, they can be fit into any standard door frame and when open will only take up around half the space of a conventional door. There is no need for any extra work to be done on the door frames, the rototranslating doors can be fitted directly into standard door frames of many sizes. This makes them perfect for small rooms where there is little or no room to manoeuvre.

e.g. If a standard door when open comes out a total of 1000mm then the rototranslating door will only come out around half that, about 500mm. That means you have an extra 500mm space to manoeuvre in the room.

The rototranslating door is also useful for places such as homes for the elderly, schools and for use as hospital doors as they are very easy to clean quickly and efficiently due to the way they open. This makes it easy to give them an all over antiseptic clean to comply with health and hygiene regulations not to mention how much cleaner our wards will be. Hospital doors will be able to be cleaned far better than with standard doors as all sides of the rototranslating door can be accessed and cleaned whereas there are certain parts of a standard doors frame such as the hinge which are extremely difficult to clean.

They also come in handy in everyday houses if you have particularly small rooms in your house and just require an extra bit of room. If you have an extremely small bathroom and find your standard door bangs on the sink when opening it, get a rototranslating door fitted and you will be amazed at how much room you will acquire.

The cost of rototranslating doors is extremely competitive when compared to the price of standard doors which is to be expected because no extra building work is required to fit them into standard door frames and they can be fitted easily and quickly. This keeps the costs down and makes them an ideal competitor to standard doors especially where disabled doors and easy clean doors are required.


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