Retractable Screen Doors – Roll Them Up When You Don’t Need Them

Old fashioned screen doors are handy when it gets too warm but you’d rather not turn on the air conditioning. They let fresh air in and keep bugs and wildlife out. However they’re also in the way when coming and going especially if they’re not currently in use. They can bang loudly if you don’t close them carefully and mechanisms can stick. Ever tried to move a big piece of furniture in through a propped open screen door? It’s a pain, especially when the door won’t open all the way.

A retractable screen door is the answer to all your screen door problems. They operate using the same kind of technology that roll up window blinds function on. When you’re not using them, they roll neatly away until you need them. This takes up less space than a regular screen door and keeps them out of the way. Oddly enough, although these doors have been around for decades, most people still haven’t heard of them. There are four major manufacturers of these doors, and lots of different brands. In general, however, they’re easy to install and take only a few tools. You can put them in yourself, or have them installed by the dealer for a small price.

One place that retractable screen doors are really useful is in areas where you wouldn’t be able to install a screen door normally. For instance, doors that open both inward and outward can’t use a conventional screen door. You also can’t install a regular screen on sliding glass patio doors (unless it’s a specialty patio screen), double French doors, or doors where there’s not enough clearance. A retractable screen can offer you the ability to screen all these types of door, making it a lot easier to let fresh air in without inviting the whole world.

Retractable screen doors aren’t just for the outside of the house, though. They can also be used on interior doors when you’d like to make a light barrier without closing off a space. Use them between the garage and the main part of the house, to block off a screen porch, or to keep kids and pets in a room while you keep an eye on them. They have plenty of uses, and can be installed in spaces where you could fit an ordinary screen.


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