Resolving Needs – What Your Employees Wish For!

They want to do great work for their people – no, really, despite their experience, they do. Everyday reality in the workplace. Here’s why.

Your employees want to focus on serving your customers, but there are many things, often small ones, that get in their way. By removing those little things that they have to put up with, they can offer the best service to their customers.

You are reluctant to make this clear, however. For some reason. You have to find out. Then. Ask her!

But why is this so difficult for some managers? Partly because they didn’t want to open up a challenging dialogue; not even considering that there might be problems, or dismissing the needs of their people as irrelevant, among other things. These issues that are so vital to the well-being of its population and therefore their relationships

with their customers they will be missed. How can managers fix this?

but basically they just ask. There are many ways to do this. continuous dialogue; focus groups; Return message; 360s But a very easy way to get to the bottom of your employees’ problems is to ask them individually

This simple question: “If you had three wishes at work, what would they be?” So why are we making three wishes? Because

Often there are one or two issues that are “given”. Like more staff, more salary, etc. Three wishes give some leeway in the answers. If you can, allow your

People can customize returns, but only if they want to. Once you get your employees to engage constructively with the changes and let them inform you about them, you can often react very quickly and make things much better. Understanding

Small things make a big difference to the people who are critical to your success, who are building the business for you. Don’t miss the opportunity. Martin Haworth is a business and management coach. He works all over the world, mainly by phone. , featuring small business owners, managers and business leaders.

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