Quietness, Something to Consider… Or Not (2 Poems)


Like diamonds glistening in glaciers
Or sapphires sailing in the sky…
I listen to the sound of silence,
Expecting no reply.
I do not need an answer
To questions never asked.
I simply wait… and listen…
In the quietness I bask,
Like a creature of deep luxury
With no great need to fill…
A winged being just balancing
On a high and windless hill.

It comes to me on silken waves,
This sense of relaxation
From all that seems so immediate,
I am merely one creation
Of that which lives and breathes alone
Yet is part of all around,
A spirit force of energy
Enveloped in lack of sound.
Cushioned from the noise and stress
Of that which is imposed,
My inner source rejoices as
The bud becomes a rose.

Resplendent in the shimmering waves
Embracing what is me…
A moment of such rainbow hue
Upon my distant sea…
Beckoning, though silent,
As my wings now sense the breeze
That filters through the atmosphere
To set my being free…
And welcome it to distant lands
Where the climate is soft and mild,
And I… the one who patiently waits…
Become the newborn child.

Something to Consider… Or Not

Do not insist that he love you forever…
A fatal flaw indeed.
But if he offers those tender words…
It’s all quite lovely, indeed.
Yet… “forever” is an awfully long time
And I question its use at all.
If I were the lad in question,
I’d find reason enough to stall.

Why not just appreciate
The here… the now… as best.
For if you demand that he sign in blood
To prove he has passed “the Test”.
You may simply be left with his signature
Upon a sheet most blank
and who then, my dear, is responsible?
You’ve only yourself to thank.

I do not wish to sound the cynic
Nor spread a brusque alarm…
But your insistence upon a promise
Could cause less good than harm.
And while you’re at it, consider this:
Will he change his ways for you?
Another fatal flaw, my sweet,
Best to adjust your view.
Do you care enough for this fine young chap
To accept him for what he is?
Or had you planned to reform the cad
With your own black magic… whiz!
I must once again remind you
That such change is self-induced
And I might ask, while we’re at it,
Have your strange ways been reduced?

Each of us is a person…
A person within his (her) own right.
And before you determine to remodel,
Don’t overestimate your sights.
And yet… if chemistry and love and opportunity
Bring you together in time…
Then hurrah for Love Eternal
And ignore this silly rhyme!

Diana Hunter McGuerty has been a teacher for over 35 years and a lifetime poet.

Diana’s first published poetry book is titled Many Shades of Light: Reflections in Poetry



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