Quick & Simple Ideas to Update Your Kitchen

It’s simple to add a stylish element and that finishing touch to any kitchen with accessories specifically designed to match your faucets or perfectly fit the size and shape of a particular kitchen sink.

The quickest and most simple way to save time in your kitchen is with quality labor-saving accessories. These include cutting boards and colanders, drain strainers, rinse baskets/basin racks, soap dispensers, pot racks and miscellaneous accessories. In addition to the popular chrome and polished brass finishes, new unique styles in oil-rubbed bronze, contemporary designs in brushed chrome, dramatic wrought iron finishes, brilliance stainless, pearl nickel and more, provides something for everyone’s design style.

How to Choose

Begin by determining your style preference; country (shaker, country French, mission), casual/contemporary or traditional.

How do you ensure that your kitchen doesn’t look cluttered? Take accurate measurements to establish the number and type of accessories you will need, and then select the finish that will coordinate with your décor, and your current faucet & fixture style and finish.

For instance, adding a soap (and/or lotion) dispenser eliminates the need for separate hand-soap, dish detergent and lotion bottles and keeps counters clear and orderly looking. Most of our dispensers match the style and finish of our faucets. They can also fill an additional faucet hole eliminating the need for an escutcheon plate.

Escutcheon plates, also known as base plates, are mounted under the faucet spout and reaches out to cover pre-drilled holes that will not be used when mounting the kitchen faucet or accessories.

For added convenience you can also add a hot water dispenser which has many great uses and are a wonderful convenience for cooking, cleaning, instant hot beverages, etc. They can also help fill an extra faucet hole and the heating tanks often take up little under-counter space. A point-of-use water filtration system is by far the most economical, convenient and effective way of producing healthy, great tasting water. Filtering out the chlorine, lead and other impurities just prior to consumption, is a priceless investment in family health and wellness.



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