Planning A Corporate Retreat? Here Are 5 Killer Ideas For Things To Do In Texas

Being the coordinator of a corporate retreat can be a tough job. Not only do you have to make sure employees enjoy themselves and are able to let loose, bond with each other, and team build, but you must also temper the fun with activities that still allow for thoughtful discussion and productivity. Fortunately, Texas does offer some fun and enjoyable activities that are perfectly suited for corporate retreats. Here are 5 killer ideas for things to do in Texas.

1. Horseback riding

Horseback riding is a great way to explore scenic landscapes and even learn about history from a knowledgeable tour guide. The activity is both stimulating and peaceful allowing for creative discussions and conversations. Connecting with nature while on horseback keeps you focused and engaged. Large groups can caravan on hikes ranging from easy to extreme depending on the length of the hikes and the steepness of the terrain.

2. Wine tasting

Touring a vineyard is also a good corporate retreat idea. Texas as many vineyards producing amazing and unique vines that offer up a distinct taste and flavor. Most vineyards have large halls or even smaller meeting rooms that would be excellent for conducting team building activities or meetings. Many offer large patios with gorgeous scenic landscapes to view while invigorating fresh air wafts through. Even if some employees do not drink, wineries are great locations. Check out Pleasant Hill Winery or Windy Hills Winery in Brenham, Texas.

3. Country Dancing

Nothing stimulates conversation and connection like dancing. Have a night out for dancing and participate in many different styles of traditional country dancing. Two-stepping, waltz, and line dancing are just a few of the types of dances you will find. Dance lessons are a great way for employees to break the ice and get to know each other before moving onto a full on dance social. Live music can be hired or will be provided by the dance halls, especially on the weekends. In Washington County, there are many festivals that include dancing and visiting local clubs such as the Uptown Swirl festival.

4. Stay at Ranch-style lodging

For extended stay corporate retreats, many different lodging options are available. From simple bed and breakfasts to larger capacity ranch style lodgings, there are accommodations to fit just about any situation. Some lodgings and cabins have social centers complete with rooms and meeting halls that can be rented out for activities as well. Check out the Inn at Nueces Canyon for a perfect example.

5. Festivals

Perhaps your retreat will coincide with one of the many festivals that are happening around Texas. Take your corporate retreat to a local festival and mingle with the locals, or sign up to participate in contests and competitions to really mix things up. There are plenty of ways to team build and get to know one another at any one of the festivals that take place. Consider Bluebonnet Festival in Chappell, Hill or the Round Top’s Antiques fair as great examples.