Personal Finance: Is Investing for You?

Investing your hard-earned money in financial securities such as in mutual funds is such an exciting personal finance activity that will beef up the funds that you could set aside for your future. It’s a sure way to make money, because when you invest, you make your money “go to work” and “grow” more money for you almost on autopilot.

However, many people thought that investing is something that only the rich can afford to do. They thought it involves a lot of money and that it only involves participating in business ventures or the procurement of expensive real assets or properties. It’s very sad that the proven ways to make money via investing are some of life’s most important stuff that are not taught in schools.

Participating in legitimate financial instruments such as the stock and bond markets, unit investment trust funds (UITFs) and variable universal life insurance (VUL) used to be enjoyed only by rich people and institutional investors. However, with the advent of low cost pooled assets such as mutual funds, average people can now participate in exciting investment opportunities where their money will be put to work and grow.

Today, for only as little as P5,000, an average working class individual can set up a mutual fund account. He can also add as little as P1,000 as often as he wants to beef up the value of his investment. With pooled funds, average investors are given an affordable opportunity to participate in equity investment, or an investment allocated in stocks. This type of investment is the riskier sort, but the most exciting in that returns could be as high as 40% a year, depending of course on market conditions.

With pooled funds such as UITFs and mutual funds, investing in the financial markets has now been made more accessible and more affordable for the average working class individual. Now, getting rich has been made more accessible and easier.

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