Period to File a Wrongful Termination Case in Los Angeles

So many lawyers are working in the field of wrongful termination because various cases concerned with terminations from the workplace are registering in the state. Employees without a work contract can be fired out from any job at any time in many of the states, but in any cases regarding the termination due to the violation of any public policies or federal laws, an employee cannot be terminated from the job. In these sorts of incidents, the employee can file a case against Wrongful Termination in court. There are several reasons which an employee will face a wrongful termination from his/her work. Following are certain reasons:

•    If an employer orders to obey his command to an employee in breaking any laws of the company and when he refuses it.

•    Any severe discrimination based on age, gender, sex, color, nationality, etc.

•    Discrimination and termination from the workplace are concerned with the sexual orientation of the employee.

•    Any retaliation to the employee from the side of the employer, if the worker reports any unlawful activities occurring in the workplace.

•    Due to reporting of any violations from the side of the worker regarding the safety requirements necessary for the firm.

So, it is the right of every worker to have compensation to be settled from the side of the employer due to any wrongful activities such as lost wages or salary, emotional distress which affects the employee.

Period to File a Wrongful Termination Case in Los Angeles

Every lawyer has to help the victim of wrongful termination as soon as possible. Wrongful terminations can be categorized into two major causes. The terminations occurred due to the violations of any public policy, the victim has a period of two years to file the case against the employer. If the termination is related to any discrimination or harassment from the side of the employer, these sorts of cases have various deadlines to file the case according to the intensity. In a general aspect, the cases coming under wrongful termination can be put under two laws related to the employment discrimination laws:

•    Federal Civil Rights Act 1964: Filing cases according to this act, the employee has the time of 180 days to file a complaint against the employer, he can also file a charge in Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

•    State Law under Fair Employment and Housing Act: The victim can file a case according to this act before 300 days of incident happened if he has any support from the side of the state or any local agency such as the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH).

The victim will be given the right to sue from the state or local agencies if they fail to handle the case adequately. So he can file the case to the civil court to gain necessary compensation or any other benefits in return for the discriminatory treatment from the side of the employer or co-workers.


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