People Join a Network Marketing Company

In the network marketing company that I am affiliated with, there are many success stories of individuals who have joined a network when they were almost at retirement age. They joined because they knew that having an additional income stream in their retirement years would help to make the years golden. They wouldn’t just have to get by on a small pension, social security, and other retirement funds. They decided that they didn’t want to worry about how they could pay for any long-term medical care expenses or become a financial burden to their children. Plus, there was the added excitement of building a business in their later years when they would really have the time to pursue it.

Many of the financial planners and advice-givers tell you to save and invest in your 401K for the future. That is always good advice but if you lose your job every couple of years, then it is hard to consistently build up a solid retirement. You need to develop an income stream that you can depend on and is not affected by whether or not you have a real job in corporate America.

Another reason, people join this industry is a lack of satisfaction in their current profession. If you were to poll the average person in corporate America to see how much they like their job, you would find out more than 60% do not have a high level of job satisfaction. The sad part is that many of the individuals who do not report a high level of job satisfaction studied for many years for their chosen profession. They may have chosen a specific profession because they felt pressured to pursue a certain career in order to make good money. When they were finally working in that profession, they realized that they weren’t happy and the job did not provide a high level of satisfaction.

If you were to ask them what their dream job was, they would tell you that it is something different than they are doing. Most individuals have their own secret dreams. Maybe they would much rather be working in the non-profit sector but they don’t pursue it because they need a good income to provide for the daily support needs of their family. They don’t have the freedom to take a lower salary because their family now has developed a certain standard of living. For the mast majority of individuals, they will never try to pursue their hopes and dreams. They will believe that they have to just settle for the status quo of have a good-paying job and living in a comfortable neighborhood. However, there is a small percentage of individuals when presented with network marketing jump at the chance to pursue building a downline in this industry.

They realize that network marketing will provide them with the income that they need to pursue their real dreams and desires. In some cases, it is the wives who were stay at home moms that join a network marketing company and earn a great income that allows their husband to retire early from corporate America and pursue something that they would really enjoy doing. Network marketing is the industry that allows them to earn a great income without giving up their dreams.


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