Payment Security Checks – How to Lose a Customer in Three Easy Steps

Step one – ridicule the customer

Payment Security Checks: One of the more recently devised ways to lose an online customer is to effectively tell them they are simply not trusted and have probably used a stolen credit card for their purchase.

The accountant/finance manager is an expert at putting the needs of his own business ahead of any of those silly customer expectations, like fast order processing and delivery. Who cares if the troublesome punters go away never to return when the upside is the elimination of payment problems?

Step two – never tell the truth – or at least avoid doing so

It is, of course entirely possible that the goods ordered never existed in the first place. A great way around that is to impose a suitable delay through the “security” process while the item(s)are sourced. Meanwhile, any communication with any customer foolish enough to complain will be carefully hidden behind emails. Or better still, a response form on the website. The provision of a phone number to facilitate customer questions is strictly taboo.

The website, naturally, makes no mention of the “security check” process, or the effect it will have on the delivery of orders. Nor will cancellation of an order be accepted without a hefty “restocking fee” regardless of the fact that the order was never processed in the first place, pending compliance with the security check. Id indeed such information is included on the company website, it will be in the smallest possible type, buried deep in the “terms and conditions” section. (That’s the bit under the marketing blurb, where few customers will ever think to look).

Step three – never understand why any order is needed promptly

So – when the customer gets an email a few days after placing the order, he is advised that “a small amount” has been credited to his bank account and that he/she must respond by stating the amount of that payment, plus his mother’s maiden name, his dog’s favorite snack-food and the color of his partner’s underwear. Once those answers have been provided to the satisfaction of the seller, every attempt will be made to dispatch the order within the foreseeable future. (“Yes Minister” followers will also be familiar with the term “in the fullness of time”)

It is worth noting that even significant sellers that DO have their own outlets offer the online purchase option employ precisely the “security” processes described in this rant. The finance manager’s perception is very simple, namely that if the goods were wanted urgently, what did the idiot go to a “bricks and mortar” store in the first place.

And that folks are the reasons why the customer will never buy from that seller again. Someone should tell them there are several different security solutions available

This article explains the reasons why the customer will never buy from this seller again. There are several different and better payment security solutions available.


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