How to Exchange VITAE token in India?

Steps to Exchange VITAE to Indian Rupee (INR): Are you searching for the best cryptocurrency exchange in India to exchange VITAE to INR (Indian Rupee)? Then, I would suggest “Koinbazar” would be one of the best crypto exchange platforms in India to buy VITAE Token with INR at a high liquidity marketplace. Here are the steps … Read more

How to Do Your Taxes at Home?

Mostly your taxes are typically included in your monthly mortgage payment. This kind of process may make your payments larger that allows you to avoid paying a thousand dollars in one sitting at a time. If you are an owner of a property and paying taxes monthly, you must check out the gross total income … Read more

Equity Investment in Emerging Themes

Investing in ESG Funds are considered to be ‘sustainable’ investing. They are essentially schemes that invest into companies that rank high on the environment, social and good governance practices. ESG schemes have gained popularity since 2018 in India. While there are many ESG funds in the market, the Quantum India ESG Equity Fund is one such … Read more

When is the Right Time to Consult Employee Lawyer?

If you are working in California, then being an employee, you have certain rights that you can exercise in case your employer violates any of them. Many laws are there to help and protect you from incidents like sexual harassment or wrongful termination or unpaid wages to name a few. Therefore, if you have been … Read more

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Filing for Divorce, Here is the Checklist

The divorce process in Dubai is usually straightforward and involves the steps of counseling, settlements, and court appearances which also require proper supporting documents to be submitted at each step. In this article, we would like to provide you with a checklist of general requirements for filing a divorce proceeding in Dubai. Marriage Certificate: If the marriage … Read more

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What Are The Changes in the UAE Bankruptcy Law Due To Pandemic?

The amendments outlined by Corporate Lawyers of Dubai are also aimed at ensuring fulfillment of obligations, and mitigating loss given default without prejudice to bankruptcy law while enabling creditors to secure their rights. More about the amendments This was to enable individuals and businesses to overcome credit challenges in “emergency situations. Initially when the Bankruptcy law has … Read more

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The Property Inheritance Laws: UAE and the West

There have been multiple cases all over the world, fighting over the ownership of the deceased’s belongings. Such cases arise when there’s no clear indication, like a will, that mentions who will inherit the belongings. For people living in foreign countries, it is essential to understand the legalities of the host country and their effect … Read more

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Implementing Regulations of IT Law in Healthcare

Corporate Lawyers in Dubai had in their previous article discussed the very aspects of the Federal Law for IT in the healthcare industry, hereinafter referred to as the Federal Law, which aimed at safeguarding the confidential and private information of patients and provides a surety that such information will only be shared with relevant authorities. The … Read more

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Copyright Law in the United Arab Emirates: Explained

UAE Copyright Law Explained for Businesses Though the word “copyright” is ubiquitously used in everyday conversations, it is seldom explored meticulously in the context of the United Arab Emirates law. Copyright denotes the representation of the labor put in by an artist or an author to express an original idea through craft. To hold a … Read more

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