Glossary Of Consumer Finance Terms

A guide to many of the terms used in the consumer finance market. Acceptance Rate – The percentage of customers that are successful when applying for a loan or credit card. 66% or more applicants must be offered the advertised rate know as the Typical APR (See ‘Typical APR’ below). Annual Percentage Rate (APR) – The rate … Read more

The Truth About Going Debt Free

People have debts with many creditors and at varying interest rates. Knowing how to be debt-free may save you a great deal of money if you are willing to become a true master of the art and science of managing money. Realistically, there is NO magic formula to get rid of debt. Check the debts … Read more

Best Way to Close Your Consolidated Debts

Different Approaches Available There are a number of ways you can consolidate your existing debts and close them. They are by using your credit card as a consolidation instrument, through credit counseling consolidation, with a loan from your retirement account, loans from friends and family, and also personal loans from banking institutions. Each method has … Read more

Why Should You Hire Debt Collection Experts?

Small businesses require an appropriate credit control process given the constrained resources that they have. This is to guarantee that cash flow is enhanced, which thusly helps them survive. The bad debts of a business can adversely affect its operations. The business reinvests in labor, operations, production, supplies, and different resources utilizing the little revenue … Read more

What Are Your Options For Bad Credit Debt Loans?

Those ready to get out of debt or to make their budget more manageable have probably considered a debt loan. This basically takes your current loans and combines them into one more manageable loan. While it may not necessarily make your payments lower each month, at least your money is going to one place and … Read more

Cannot Pay Your Taxes?

Here in the United States of America, the collection of taxes is based on your ability to pay. Due to unfortunate circumstances, for example, Coronavirus or poor financial management, you may find yourself unable to pay your tax bill. It has been estimated that in the 2020 extended tax season, as many as a third … Read more

Get to the Top of the Search Results With SEM

How to Create a Powerful SEM eCommerce Strategy It seems like SEO gets most of the attention when it comes to marketing, but we can’t forget about SEM! Now… what is SEM? First, let’s go over the basics: SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s a non-paid effort that centers around optimizing your website and … Read more