Owning a Time-Share Apartment

When purchasing a time-share apartment, many people believe that there are limited options, and that you have to use your apartment on specific dates. The reality is far from the above point, as there are plenty of ways you can make your investment work for you.

Obviously the most common use of a time-share is to stay there during the periods that you have paid for, however, let’s take a look at a few other potential uses for your property.

Pass it on

There are several ways you can pass your apartment on to other people. The most common way is to rent it out, which the majority of people do if they cannot get to their holiday apartment. Another way of passing it on is to give it away for free to somebody you know. If you can not do either of the above, you can also donate your time slot to a charity.


If you still want to remain in a time-share plan but you are not satisfied with your current one then exchanging your apartment may be an option. You can either do this directly or outsource your needs to a specialist company.


Of course if this type of property ownership is no longer the right option for you, then you can sell it, either privately or through a third party.



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