Organic Coffee Made With Ganoderma

An Organic coffee called the Ganoderma Coffee or Red Reishi, is used as a preventive cure for the treatment of body stress caused by infection, trauma, toxins, temperature, radiation, insomnia and psychological strain. The body is able to withstand all these stresses when Ganoderma Coffee is taken instead of Gourmet coffee.

“The Ganoderma coffee or the Red Reishi is able to detect the presence of bacteria and virus and fine tunes the body to repel their attacks.”

The use of common antibiotics against diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites weakens the immune system and makes the body cells resistant to these medicines. Red Rieshi rejuvenates the body and even the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer; it gets reduced by drinking Red Reishi Organic coffee.

The anti-stress property of Red Reishi reduces tension thus sharpening both memory and concentration. The use of Red Reishi in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and dementia in elderly persons helps to improve loss of memory.

Though it has been overlooked till now, many centuries ago, Ganoderma coffee or Red Reishi was taken by emperors and the royalty as an herb with miraculous properties.

Ganoderma coffee has anti-oxidant properties and improves the cardiovascular and respiratory systems by reducing high blood pressure and blood cholesterol, besides respiratory problems like bronchitis and asthma, and diseases like arthritis, cancer, insomnia and many more.

The legalized use of Organic Coffee with Ganoderma as a medicine for sedation to calm nerves had been a practice in China and Japan for a long time. The exceptional benefits provided to health in holistic terms by this miraculous mushroom have been proven by research done in UK, USA, Japan and China.

The Secret of Ganoderma

The scientific name of this red mushroom, which has been growing in the Asian wilderness for thousands of years, is Ganoderma Lucidum, It was very difficult to find en masse initially as it grew on only one type of tree in Asia. Nowadays, the mushroom with 200 or more health improving elements is cultivated indoors.


The use of Ganoderma coffee gives many benefits as compared to drinking the normal Gourmet Coffee, like:

  • Improves pancreatic operation and blood sugar levels
  • Has anti-aging effects, improves the skin
  • Takes out toxins from the body
  • Improves metabolism and helps liver
  • Reduces tiredness
  • Has anti-oxidant properties
  • Acts as blood anti-coagulant
  • Boosts the digestive system
  • Takes care of respiratory and sinus problems
  • Regenerates the cells of the body and the tissues
  • Increases energy and boosts all functions of the body
  • Helps to heal all types of skin wounds

With no side effects known, the Ganoderma organic coffee helps to maintain your body health and keep that youthful feeling!


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