Options for Obtaining a Discount Cruise

Taking a cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. No matter where you go, the sights – be it historical or cultural – are breathtaking and unique, while activities onboard the ship and the beautiful surrounding ocean make for a pleasant journey. Experiencing an island paradise or another itinerary is a great chance to relax, but an even better opportunity is taking the trip on a discount. For finding a discount cruise, what options do you have?

Through an Agency

The internet assisted with the proliferation of travel and cruise agencies, opening up a myriad of choices and pricing options for such trips. As you look around online, you’ll find that some agencies offer various package deals, promotions, and competitions, all with lower prices in mind. Options may include group packages or lower prices for early or last minute trips.

Through Planning

What do extreme couponing and a discount cruise have in common? Extensive beforehand planning. If a cruise is truly where you see yourself, you’ll start planning months in advance – and part of that entails looking for a good deal. In general, cruises are priced lower at least six months in advance.

On the other hand, last minute cruise discounts are another – but less frequent – possibility. To find such deals, begin searching roughly two months before the ship is scheduled to depart.

Other factors, when it comes to planning, can lower the price of a cruise. Fall and spring are slower times for vacations, while holidays and summer, because of demand, drive the price up. In determining accommodations for a trip, taking an economical approach, such as booking more than two individuals to a cabin, lowers the fare.

Getting to the Port

One of the more expensive aspects of planning a cruise is getting to the actual port city. If possible, not flying into the city and instead leaving from a closer port or driving, eliminates the cost of airfare (and the price of a hotel, if you come in a day early). Nevertheless, driving comes with a small cost, as well, as vehicles should ideally be stored in a lot for the duration of the trip.

Other Options

Several other factors have potential to lower the cost of a cruise. Popularity and itinerary influence price, and deciding on a journey less taken may yield the savings you want. Age, as well, can be a factor, and discount cruise trips may be available to seniors and children traveling with their parents. Proximity to a port and the newness of a ship at a terminal may also shave down a price. If you’re a frequent passenger onboard a ship or line, getting a discount may occur after taking a certain number of trips.