One Little Text

It’s snowing outside. It started snowing early. My insides were a bag of mixed emotions and the wind whipping through the window behind the couch I was sitting on didn’t really help my mood. As I sat there staring at the snow blowing and starting to cover the porch, I got a text. A text from a friend who owns a coffee shop in Nashville and it made me feel like a productive human again. You see, when we decided to take this job in Albany, I was going back to my old job; running our ticket company, but the venue opening date keeps getting pushed back, thereby giving me more time on my hands than I really know what to do with.

But then came this text and I instantly remembered that I was somebody who had skills and talents and here someone was willing to pay me to teach. I was so excited I couldn’t sit still. I forgot about the snow piling up on the porch and went and got my iPad in search of all the recipes from my bakery. I had instantly forgotten about the snow, the drafty windows in the house we are renting, Jerry the mouse and the cold. I had a purpose, and it felt great.

That text was a few days ago, and the glow of it has dimmed slightly, but I am still over the moon about flying back to Nashville for a week. I get to bake for two days. I get to see my kids. I get to get my haircut. I get to spend some time with dear friends I’ve left behind. I get to sleep in my own bed. I am really excited about my little trip back home. When we were buying the airline tickets, I starting thinking about how sitting on the couch and doing nothing makes you forget things, a lot of things. I forgot I was a successful business owner. I forgot I am a current business owner. I forgot I had worth, and that is a horrible thing to forget. Forgetting you have worth is such an easy thing for me to forget when I’m sitting on the couch plowing through 5 seasons of Six Feet Under. Yes, I know, you all read that last sentence and said: “of course you feel like you have no worth, you just watched sixty hours of a show about a Funeral Home.” One little text from a fellow woman business owner can drag you out of your head and make you feel like your old self again. I am pretty sure the person who sent me that text has no idea what it meant to me, even though I did tell her.

I don’t know where, if anywhere, this teaching thing will take me, especially here in Albany where no one knows me. What I do know is that I am lucky to have the life I have even though right now Albany hasn’t turned out like I thought it would. I also know that I am grateful to the weather gods for providing me, so far, a mild winter in Upstate New York. I have yet to buy a real winter coat, and I would be delightfully happy if I could make it out of winter without one. Also for those wondering how my mouse situation is going, Jerry seems to be a well-feed, smart mouse. He doesn’t come out every day. He doesn’t like Peanut butter, and he apparently doesn’t like cheese. He doesn’t come out when I have four traps set out in various locations in the kitchen, but the first day I put those traps away, the next morning there is evidence that Jerry stopped by overnight.


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